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Native Luo Fishing Boart In Uyoma Kenya B Kenya is a funny place.  It seems that whatever is good is better and whatever is bad is worse.  Everything in East Africa seems to be amplified.  I have seen people act is ways that make me stand back in awe of their faith and I have seen others do things that make my soul sick and tremble.

Over literally thousands of years people have gone astray on the dark continent.  People in the west think that we know evil because of greed and lust, but due to our Christian roots we do no know the depths of depravity that exist in the souls of some who live in Sub Saharan Africa.

Christians either shine by faith or give in to sin in Africa.  If your heart is towards God and you are willing to trust Him you have to become better than most in order to survive.  True faith is born out of adversity because you must believe to eat.  For others, though, they cave into the overwhelming pressure to do whatever is necessary to get what they want.  Ambition replaces faith or is mixed with faith in a sort of a pseudo-believing that justifies anything.  I have learned, through harsh experience, that the most dangerous place to be in Africa is not in Nairobi at night but between an Africa and what they consider to be their destiny..

There is a difference between faith and ambition.  Faith hears what God says, whether scripture or spoken, and believes it.  If God directs a person to do something by faith they do it.  If God directs a person to sit still and see the salvation of their God, they do that.  The point is that true faith is not self directed.

Ambition, on the other hand, is people deciding what they want and then taking action to get it.  Ambition, in Africa particularly, knows no bounds.  Some Christians get faith and ambition mixed up and think that doing whatever they feel is necessary counts as faith when in reality it is just them lying, cheating, and steeling their way up the ladder.  Just because you have stolen something that you decided God wanted to give you does not mean it is the provision of the Lord.  Just because you have deceived a friend or foe into doing something that results in you getting what you want does not mean it is the blessing of God.

Once Christians start down the road of justifying the means they use because of what it achieves they have left the path of faith.  People become deceived by their own greed and justify greater and greater sin in order to get what they want.   Their can be an initial flush of prosperity from ambitious and dishonest action but the more they do such things the less true blessing, they kind the is permanent, occurs.  Finally, they become mere emissaries of the devil cheating and steeling for anything and everything they can find in order to get little or nothing.  Even the biggest despot still attends church regularly in East Africa.

In conclusion, true faith in God yeilds and does not push.  True faith allows God to direct us even if what He asks does not make a whole lot of sense to our natural minds.  True faith does not seek its own but trusts that God will take care of us if we do His will.  True faith never violates the law of love.