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Kentucky Fried Chicken

One day I went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant with my wife and son. We like the Colonel’s food (I especially like the coleslaw) and were looking forward to our meal when I spied a man sitting alone in the corner booth. For some reason, he seemed nervous and out of place.  I thought he might be homeless (although he was not dressed particularly bad). I felt my heart go out to him as we ordered our meals and sat down to wait for our food to arrive. I noted, after a while, that the man still sat at the booth without being served. I felt in my spirit that I should buy him a meal.

Father, what should I do?

I try to make it a practice to ask our Father what I should do in such situations so I prayed, “Father, should I buy this man a meal?”. God answered and said, “no, wait a minute”.  I sat still as God commanded until called to pick up our meals.  The server called me to the counter, handing me 4 meals instead of 3.  “Excuse me,” I said, “but I only ordered three meals.”  The server said, “oh sorry, our mistake, but just take the extra one if you want”. I thanked her and took our meals to our table. Then I took the extra one to the man sitting alone at the corner booth.  I said, “Excuse me, but we have an extra meal, would you like it?” He appeared shocked but said, “God bless you” and gratefully accepted the meal.

Listen, hear, and obey on time

I have learned through experience that by listening to the still small voice of God we can minister to others in the exact way and at the exact time they need to see Him. Through obeying that simple command I not only blessed someone else but saved the cost of an extra meal too! The treasure that we have to give others is “God in us” and when we allow Him to reveal himself through us we can bless others. I do not remember much about the food I ate that day but I will always remember how my Father gave a hungry man a meal at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Your Spirit by Tasha Cobbs Leonard