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kissing towards God


In this essay, I write about a topic that is considered taboo in Christianity.  If frank discussions of intimacy bother you, please do not continue reading.

How do you know that you are part of the Bride of Christ? Some say the measure is holiness, some say faithfulness, but I say to you the sign of the Bride is,


It is a pure revelation to know God as He truly is. In fact, the literal meaning of worship is “kissing towards” God. So much of Christianity is about barriers, however, so much about YHWH is about glorious liberty. In fact, if you are a Spirit led Christian, everything about your life tends towards freedom.

The Bride is essentially the Last Eve, just as Christ is the Last Adam, the pattern son for all humanity. Originally, just as Eve was taken from Adam, she was brought back to Him as a wife. The Bride is born of the Holy Spirit, yet through grace becomes one with that same Holy Spirit.

The direction we are heading

Intimacy has many forms and expressions. Divine Love can be a look of heart-felt kindness, to a comforting Hug, all the way to Holy Consummation, In all these ways God expresses His love through us to one another.

In the Spirit, there are no barriers, yet nothing we do is inappropriate. There are no do’s and don’ts because there is no law for those who walk in the Spirit. The only law we follow is the the law of love, doing as Gods leads at the time He leads us to do it.

Perfection of heart and motive seems unobtainable to most. Our natural minds simply cannot comprehend living in sinless perfection. However, for the Spirit led, purity is as natural as breathing. I know that we are not there yet, but this is the direction we are heading.

Here is a truth,

Revelation and Intimacy are one in the same

The truth about love feasts is that revelation and intimacy are one in the same. You cannot have revelation without intimacy and you cannot be intimate without revelation. That is why the early church spoke of “love feasts”. The strong revelation they experienced naturally led to intimate expression. The barriers that normal society placed on people simply vanished. People acted as they would have in the Garden of Eden had Adam never sinned. God created us for intimacy and, as led by His Spirit, they were as intimate with each other as God desired.

The behavior of the Body of Christ is about to challenge everyone’s worldview. Divine Love is literally dividing the Bride of Christ from everyone else in these last days. If you don’t believe me, note your initial reaction to the featured picture on this post.

Don’t be afraid of a Holy Kiss

We have been set up by fallen Lucifer to fear kissing towards God. If you associate expressions of intimacy with worldly sin, you are predisposed to reject YHWH’S advances. However, God created all forms of intimacy and when we yield to His Spirit, in any area, whatever we do is by definition holy and pure.

Most people get scared when they stand on a high places, yet eagles feel completely at ease; why is this so? Well, normal men and women fear falling to their death, while eagles anticipate stretching their wings to soar. The same is true of those who have the Holy Spirit leading and guiding them into Divine Love.

God says,

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

­Isaiah 40:31

God gives us the ability to be perfected through His only begotten son. In Christ, as we give ourselves fully over to that same Spirit, we become His perfect Bride. Likewise, as the Lamb’s wife, we are naturally intimate with God and each other.

Kissing towards God

Nothing was restrained from Christ because Jesus didn’t want to do anything his Father didn’t want to do. What made the son of God controversial, though, is that God’s will included much more than the religious leaders allowed. Likewise, YHWH’s liberty in our day is as an ocean, whereas what Church leaders believe is appropriate is as a mud puddle.

Like an eagle, we soar on the winds of God’s Spirit, going places humans without His Spirit can’t attain. To some, this makes them envious. However, there is no need to be jealous, the Holy Spirit is a free gift that anyone can have for the asking. Allow God to give you the wings to soar in the Spirit too!