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Kissing towards

The literal meaning of “worship” in the Greek is a combination of “towards” and “to kiss”, hence worship is to kiss towards God.  Today, as I awoke from my slumber, my mind exploded with a revelation about God’s plan for mankind and why He originally created us.


I am going to talk about intimate things regarding God and His bride. If you are easily offended by frank talk it would be best to sit this one out

Taken out of God, only to be brought back to Him as His wife

Why did God create mankind?  The scriptures state that we are created a little lower than the angels, but destined to be crowned with glory. I submit to you that God created us to be His wife. God speaks of church as a bride in the holy writ because of this.  How does this take place though?  After all God is a Spirit. Therefore, how does God “marry” and have relations with His bride?

God created Adam and Eve and He made them male and female.  This act of creation was a new thing in our Father’s pantheon of creation over the eons. Our Father created Adam and Eve to join in holy sexual union in order to bear children in love.  This was and is God’s first and greatest commandment.

God has always wanted to dwell in us

In the beginning the Holy Spirit, i.e. God filled Adam and Eve completely. They had as close and as intimate of union as Jesus Christ did with his Father.  There was literally no separation between the first of humankind and God Almighty. In the beginning, having sex was literally the act of loving God Himself.  In fact, making love was worship of God in its purest form.

The way that all spirits interact with the physical realm is that they inhabit people.  As they possess us they feel what we feel and experience what we do.  God create man to be just such a vessel.  Our purpose was to be temples God could dwell in.  Our Lord would experience our worship of Him through our love relationship with each other. The way in which God loves us and we love Him is to be through loving each other. In loving each other, from simple friendship all the way to physical intercourse, we worship God and He loves us in every act of love. This is the mystery of the church that Paul, the apolstle, spoke about.

Kissing towards God and spirits uniting

The reason that it is so important to allow God to choose our mates is that when we do, and He joins us together, we also are kissing towards God.  The union of God and man occurs during our love-making.  An orgasm is not just a physical sensation but actually a response to our spirits uniting, however briefly, with God himself. When we love each other intimately we also worship God and love Him too.  God creates us for intimate love and this is our highest purpose.

The reason why the Devil tries to mess up our choice of mate and lead us into sexual sin, is because it deprives God of what He desires most: union with us. When we lay with someone who is not of God’s design, His Spirit is not present and He does not derive any benefit from our physical union.

Unholy matrimony

Likewise, when we sin and have sex outside God’s will, demons enter and derive pleasure from our unrighteousness.  This is what happens when we commit adultery or fornication.  This is also why it is such a grievous sin. That is why people often times do all manner of perverted sexual acts. They don’t really derive much pleasure from it, however, the demons in them revel in the filth and depravity.

Worship God through one another

The highest form of kissing towards God is to allow Him to join us with a mate of His choosing.  If you want to love God, allow Him to love you through your mate and love Him through them.  Allow your Spirits to connect and give way to compete intimacy in Him.  In that moment of physical and spiritual union, that is where you also become one with God.

The understanding of true worship is the key that unlocks the logos of God in our lives. His plan has always been “union” and that is the reason for the virgin birth. You cannot get any more intimate than implanting your seed into a woman’s womb, and that is just what the Holy Spirit did when He over-shadowed Mary. God performed this “act of intimacy” to demonstrate the incredible, intimate depth of union that He desires with mankind. Jesus Christ was and is the perfect union of God and man.

Likewise, when we allow God to overshadow us, and indwell us by His Holy Spirit, we become one in Him too. God desires to possess our bodies by His Holy Spirit.  When we love each we are kissing towards God and He feels loved.  This is why there is such a great deal of intimate physical expression between spiritual connections: it is us loving God through each other.

Breaking rash vows

This is also why there is divine divorce anytime there is a Tabernacles movement among His people.  In order for God to love us completely, we have to put away unions that are outside His covenant and join with mates of His choosing so that He will be pleased to dwell in us and love through us. God rectifies our rash vows through breaking apart unholy unions.  In this way the Body of Christ comes into alignment with His original will and purposes. God is then free to experience us and our love through each other.

In conclusion, we cannot become the bride of Christ when we are wed to people who are not the Bride of Christ. To fulfill our destiny and be kissing towards God, we must unite only as He chooses. Our Father gave special dispensation to people who were bound in unholy matrimony in times past.  However, in this age of the church of Philadelphia, God is requiring that we fully align with His will. To love as He loves, we must submit to Him in literally everything; even our choice of mate.

A glimpse of eternity from the mountain top

Finally,  I barely even grasp what I am saying, therefore don’t be dismayed if you stretch also.  Revelation flows as you allow yourself to be swept up in the river of God, taking you where it wills. Thus, often times  I learn these things for the first time as I write.  God ministers to us as we are able to receive Him so don’t worry if everything makes perfect sense. Just enjoy the ride and know that the destination is truly amazing.

Through It All by Darlene Zschech