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How To Give Away Kittens


1.  God cares about even the small things in life.

2.  If you are sensitive to God’s Spirit He will lead and guide you.

3.  Trust the voice of God.

For today’s spiritual exercise you must pick some task on your “to do” list.

Exercise goal:

To allow God to lead and guide you even in small tasks

Exercise Method:

Recently, my wife had two litters of kittens to give away. There were two runts of the litter, one of which almost died, that remained. For some time she had been thinking about asking the neighbor across the street, who had small children, if they would like them.  However, Ginny kept feeling in her spirit to wait.

One day, she felt the wait was over and went to see if our neighbors might like the kittens.  Unfortunately, our neighbor said, “Well, a week ago we would have taken then, but we have just gotten a puppy.”  Disappointed, Ginny asked if is she knew of someone else who might like the kittens.  The neighbor said, “yes, I do.”

God even knows about kittens

A few houses down, Ginny knocked on the suggested door.  She had the two kittens with her.  The woman answered the door with her young children.  As Ginny asked if they would like the kittens, the kids’ eyes became big as saucers looking at the runts. The woman said, “yes, of course, we will take both of them.”

You see, just the day before, tragedy struck that home. The children’s original kitten was accidentally run over and they were heartbroken and traumatized. Through listening to the Holy Spirit, and obeying His voice at the proper time, God gave them two more.

In this exercise, pick some small task that you need to accomplish. Instead of figuring out how and when to perform it yourself, ask God what to do.  Allow Jesus to lead and guide you. Do it when you feel led to do it and not before.

Exercise Benefits:

In conclusion, as you learn to ask God how to perform small tasks in His timing, you build confidence in Him.  You learn how to trust His voice. The object is to practice in an environment where you can make mistakes. It is written,

“Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?”

Luke 12:6

However, in the future, if you have learned how to be faithful in the small things God can lead and guide you effectively in bigger things

Note: Pick something small.  The purpose is practice.  As always, do not do anything illegal or potentially harmful to yourself or others.

Have fun.

P.S. share your testimonies of what God does for others to read…it will be a great encouragement to everyone!

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