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Without Knowing Jesus, You Cannot Know Truth

Sometimes people don’t want to know the truth due to fearing they will be responsible for living up to the truth.  It isn’t a totally conscious decision, but rather an aversion to anything that might potentially upset their comfort zone.  Many of the essays you may read on this site will do just that.

The truth of the matter is that we are entering into a time of “Strong Delusion” where light will be said to be darkness and darkness will be said to be light.  A harder truth still is that we have already slipped into that spiritual darkness and most do not know it.

God has no middle ground

You will either know the truth through the Holy Spirit or you will be swept up in the delusion that is preparing the way of the Antichrist.  The middle ground called “compromise” is fast disappearing and failure to yield to God virtually guarantees acceptance of the Son of Perdition.

My writings purposely disrupt your complacency.  I desire to help open your hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit.  These truths give you a fighting chance to prevail against the darkness that is trying to extinguish His light in you.  We gain light through coming into direct and intimate contact with our Father and experiencing Jesus Christ for ourselves.

Buy oil now

I know better than most how hard it can be to accept the truth.  However, no matter how difficult it is to know it now,  it will pale in comparison to not knowing it when you need Him most.  Come to know the beautiful name of Jesus through a revelation of his nature.

We still have time to come to understand God through revelation.  However, the time to buy oil is fast coming to an end.  Do not allow this opportunity to come into God’s presence pass you by.  Be a wise Virgin and store up the Holy Spirit today while it is yet day.

God bless,


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