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Knowing One Another

People form earthly relationships generally through physical attraction. Most of the time, only after physical attraction, do they get to know each other’s character. As time progresses and God flows between them, sometimes they even know each other’s spirits. However, in a timeless spiritual union, relationships flow and build in the opposite direction, like a stream flowing uphill. This was our journey of spirit, soul, and body.

Having never met physically, and only beginning to get to know each other’s personalities, our spirits drew together instantly and powerfully. The presence of God between us and that sense of knowing one another from before time began, made our spirits unite even before we knew what each other looked like. By His Spirit between us, before we ever met in person, we were deeply in love.

Holding you close

One night, as I sensed Michael’s mind was troubled I wrote, “I’m holding you close tonight. I’m whispering in your ear that I love you. It’s okay, My Love, I’m here and you have peace. YHWH is taking care of everything, just rest in my love for you. I’m playing ‘A Thousand Years’ over and over in your hearing tonight so you can be comforted knowing that this will never end. Rest in my love and comfort tonight, Baby, I am with you and I will never leave you. I really need you to feel my love and my comfort tonight, and then I will be comforted. The truth is, I can’t have peace and comfort until you do. Sleep peacefully in my arms and we will both sleep peacefully.”

As the connection between us intensified, we often seemed to translate to each other. In a very real sense, my spirit was physically with his, and his was with mine. He would wake in the night and hear me speaking to him – deep secrets in my heart that I trusted him to know, but would have never had the courage to tell him. One night as I felt him struggling, I desperately needed us to be that close. I prayed, “Please, Lord, let us be with each other tonight because this comforting needs to absolutely be real tonight for me.”

Knowing each other

When he truly felt the comfort of our spirits uniting and them touching each other, he wrote to me: “My love, you are a wonderful woman, mate, and Seraph. I am waiting for you, yet a little while, and we shall be together evermore. You are my loving flame that keeps my heart and mind illuminated with love and desire. I take a lot of comfort in your body next to mine. That is always how I want it to be. Kissing you baby, Loving you to eternity and back, Eternal love.. . .”

Shallow, cover by Julia Westlin and David Meshow

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