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Little boxes, of various sizes, surround all of us.

Like the air we breath, they encompass us, yet we rarely take notice of them. Yet, in a thousand different ways, they prevent us from experiencing the freedom that God desires to give all of us. Learn more here…

Spiritual connections enlighten us

I spoke with my spiritual connection today and we talked about Boxes.  In a way, the church consists of boxes.  There are many different types of boxes but they all have one thing in common; they limit what God and His people can do.

Esther says,

“I think for the Adamite mindset, now especially, it would be only achievable by being spirit led. To do something right in the spirit, the only way to be that way, is to not have rules.  Frankly, if you never let go of your natural mind, you ultimately can’t be led by the Holy Spirit.

This is what Christians need consider and learn more than anything else, to let go and learn to be Spirit led.  Doing that is the first step we must take before doing anything else. Really, though, being spirit led is still the milk of the word.  Everyone from the beginning should be listening to the voice of their Father,  as children anyway.  Only after we know His voice, can we receive the meat of what He desires to teach us”

I believe this is true and, when you think about it, quite profound. Being Spirit led is only the first step into a great expansive place where we do what God says, when He says to do it.  In order to gain access to that spiritual realm we must be Spirit led in all things.

Little Box, little boxes…

The Spirit abhors a box.  When you are being led by the Spirit, the moment you interject your reasoning into the equation you begin to box the Spirit in.  When someone says “God can’t or won’t do this or that,” you have just created a box.

I realized that when I try to “qualify” God to people and augment the pure, raw revelation of God, I build a box.   Essentially, if I make the Tabernacles theology closed ended, I would just be telling people to leave one box for another.  The truth is, no matter how new and shiny my box is compared to someone else’s, it is still a box.  We, as servants of the Most High, don’t want to limit God in any way.

We need an open-ended theology

Tabernacle theology begins your journey towards God.  It is a starting point and not a destination.  I want to help you hook into God and then let the Holy Spirit take over from there.  Eventually, God will do away with the need to have any guidance except His Holy Spirit.  Training wheels are, by their very function, temporary.  Likewise, whatever revelation is contained within the Tabernacle theology, it is designed to retract like a gantry that holds a rocket in place on the launch platform.  Once the rocket starts to move, the arms retract as the rocket blasts into space.

Would you like me to modify God’s word for you?

We are the great qualifiers.  We qualify everything we say with scripture.  In fact the more scripture people quote the better qualified they believe it is.  It is almost like we are regurgitating the bible in pabulum form to give to spiritual babies.  God speaks and we qualify Him in a way that we believe people will be able to receive Him. We say to God, “Yes Lord, I know what you said, but I feel that it is too strong from my congregation to hear right now, So, I am only going to give them 1/10 of your revelation and significantly modify that small portion so they will receive it.” Furthermore, I am going to quote Greek and Hebrew texts, a couple of commentaries and a few church fathers.  By doing that Your qualified words will have greater authority.”

We will become the word manifest in the flesh

Jesus did not sit around reading the Old Testament all day.  Jesus reveals the word.  Christ is the word made flesh.  By walking in the Spirit, Jesus naturally did the things contained within the law.  When Jesus spoke it was scripture.  likewise, when we begin to walk in the Spirit and trust our Father fully, we will be living epistles read and known of all men.

Don’t reason yourself to death

God resists natural minded men and women.  When we go by our natural reasoning, we are eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  When we walk according to what seems right to our flesh, we cannot be led by God’s spirit.

Spiritual life without limits!

True freedom knows no limits.  Where the Spirit leads there are no qualifiers.  All things are possible with God, therefore He can and will do whatever He wants with whomever He wants to do it.  We cannot say God will never do this or that, because God does not recognize our boxes.

Church history is littered with little boxes that we call denominations.  Many church organizations are simply places where God once was, but no longer is.  When God moves, man builds a box around Him.  God leaves to another place and people build yet another box around Him.  Let’s stop the box building insanity right here, right now!

In conclusion, lets all think out of the box. In fact, let’s leave our boxes and go where God is.  I invite you to use our teachings as a place to start that journey.

Waiting Outside The Lines by Greyson Chance