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A present Testament

We have the Old and New Testament that make up the canon of scripture.  It is written,

“For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”

2 Peter 1:21

At this time Peter was speaking about the Old Testament. However, and interestingly enough, while Peter wrote about the Old Testament he actually penned the New Testament.

Revelate with me a while

I want to revelate rather than reason with you.  There is a misconception that God stopped speaking when John the apostle lay down his quill on the isle of Patmos. This is, of course, incorrect. God did not stop sharing His revelation with us, He just does not want us to change or add to what He has already said through His holy prophets.

The truth is that God speaks to us daily.  We are, in fact, a present testament as we are lead by the same Holy Spirit that moved through the prophets of old.  Why on earth would anyone want to restrict the ability of God to speak to us?  That is demonic. I think we would want to hear every word that proceeds out of our Father’s mouth on a daily basis, don’t you?

Our natural reason led us astray

In the beginning we all lived by revelation and not by reason. Unfortunately, Adam partook of the forbidden fruit and traded revelation for reason.  The earth, through man’s reason and doing what seemed right to his mind, filled the earth with violence until God repented for creating man. One man, Noah, who still heard the voice of God built an ark. Through one man’s obedience God lifted mankind up and saved our race from certain extinction.

Man, from the time of Noah, lived by revelation.  God spoke directly to saints of God those days.  That is until the Children of Israel came to Horeb where God began to speak His commands from His holy mountain.  At that time God’s people drew back in fear and pleaded with Moses to receive the word of God for them.  Only through their unbelief, because they would no longer hear His voice, did God write the living word on tablets of stone.

We lost our ability to hear through fear

After Gods people rejected His voice, the word of God came only through prophets and anointed kings. Moreover, men of fear, began restricting the living word to written texts.  Pharisees, in their zeal to be true to what the prophets wrote added their own rules to what God said.  Instead of bringing the people to God their efforts separated them from God. Traditions of men became a nearly impenetrable wall.  Men drifted so far from the voice of God that when the son of God spoke to His people they beat and crucified him!

Separation from God’s voice led the world to the brink of destruction not once, but twice. The first time God destroyed the world through a flood.  The second time the world teetered on the edge of oblivion before Jesus uttered “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Our inability to hear God’s voice leads to destruction while hearing the voice of God, Jesus, leads us to eternal life.

Old, dry, and dusty

I hate that those who lead God’s people are so bound in tradition that they cannot see the error pervading the church like a cancer eating us from within.  Every Sunday old, dusty teachings are fed to a starving people who cry and wail for a morsel from God. Deceived and prideful leaders speak in place of God. They pontificate on things they know only through natural minded reasoning while they strenuously reject and rebuff the Holy Spirit. God speaks, but leaders treat Him like some foreign enemy to be resisted at all costs.

Do not stand between God and His people

God wants direct access to His people, not these go-betweens that modify and pervert His words. When did it become acceptable to stand between God and His people you foolish neo-Pharisees?  Pull down the pulpits of this land! Burn the reams of doctrine that man created and built around the one true God. Reject mans reasoning and allow God’s people to hear directly from their creator once again.  Mourn and wail because you have dared to speak as God!  Let those be accursed who do not tell the people the truth because of fear!

Do not tell us that we must stay with you and starve to death

We, the people of God, are rising up like the starving masses of Hezekiah’s Jerusalem.  If you try to speak ill of the report of food on the horizon we will trample you in the street.  We are sick and tired of not having the nourishment we need to sustain our spiritual lives. You who try to keep us locked in this place of want and famine will pay the ultimate price for your INSOLENCE BEFORE GOD! Our Father has slain those you tell us to fear and provided a bounty beyond our imagination. God is about to set everything right but you will not taste it.  So says the Lord.

Soul Cry by Misty Edwards