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Acrylic on plain cardcoard.


We have all heard that the initial intense love relationship between two lovers tends to fail a year or two into the relationship.  The “madly in love” stage is said to be transitory.  However, is that really so or is there another reason that we do not continue to be deeply and passionately in love?

One possible reason may be that people try to fill the longing and need they have for God with the love that should only be filling the need they have for a mate.  The couples love is simply stretched too thin and, while it initially satisfies all their needs, eventually it fails.

We are all created with a what is termed “Olam” in Hebrew.  That is, we all are fashion with a God shaped vacuum in our innermost being that only He can fill.  Many people who are not aware of this spend their lives trying this thing or that thing to try to satisfy their need for a relationship with the Almighty.  Women, Drugs, Money, Fame, Power etc. are all used to try to fill this void but no matter how hard they try none of these things bring true satisfaction and peace outside of God.

People, who have this inner need for God, initially feel “made whole” when they fall deeply in love.  There is a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and all the world becomes right for a season.  However, our need for God is so profound that no earthly love can satisfy it for very long.  As the initial feeling of completeness begins to wear off people fear they are falling out of love.  What is actually happening, though, is that their need for God is starting to resurface and that is what actually brings about their dissatisfaction.

What is needed is for people to have a strong love relationship with each other and with God.  You can have both for they are not mutually exclusive.  When your need for God is being satisfied with an ongoing and deepening relationship with Him then you can spend your precious earthly love on each other where it belongs.

When God is given what God needs and when we align ourselves with His plan our Olam (inner need for God) is continually replenished and thus satisfied.  Truly, the “madly in love stage” never has to fail if we do not allow our need for God to compete with it.  If you want your love relationship to continue and deepen reaching a place you never thought possible simply love and worship God and satisfy all your needs at the same time.