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male and female

God says,

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

Genesis 1:27

Strong Delusion is upon the world.  This is a darkness that can be felt.  I feel it every day and it vexes me.  The world hails light as darkness and lauds darkness as light.

We know nothing but Strong Delusion

Unfortunately, because most of us have grown up in this Strong Delusion, we lack the perspective to realize what is going on.  Perhaps if we had lived 100 years it would be more apparent to us.  Unfortunately, we lack a sufficient frame of reference to recognize how far the world has fallen from God’s ideal.

As I have said before, the remedy for Strong Delusion is Strong Revelation.  Only the Holy Spirit can cause us to see in this spiritual darkness.  We must jettison our natural minds and trust our Heavenly Father more than our own reasoning to truly see.

Male and female created He them

Those who yield to God’s Spirit are re-created into His image and likeness.  When we become one with God, men become more male and women become more female.  Conversely, those who reject God become less and less like the image of their Creator.

The push towards unisex is a symptom of the Antichrist spirit coming upon the world. The LGBTQ+ is just a futher manifestation of rebellion.  As people yield to the spirit of Lucifer, they become less and less male or female.  Men are becoming feminine, while women are becoming masculine.  While Christians become like Christ, antichristians become like Satan.

Lucifer hates the way God made us

The Devil hates the way God made us.  Therefore, she wants to destroy and denigrate the image of God in us.  Our Creator made us to procreate and bring forth after our kind through making love. The act of intercourse between Divine Mates is holy, pure, and righteous.

When you stand back and view sexual sin as a whole, why is there so much of it?  The truth is, Lucifer is intent on debasing and defiling every thing YHWH made good.  YHWH made sex to be wonderful; why use it ways other than He intended?

Don’t worship the god of forces

Most people in this day and age worship the god of forces.  Unwittingly, many yield to the spirit of Antichrist without even knowing it.  When a woman praises a man for looking like a woman, or a man admires a woman for being like a man, they are in fact yielding to the spirit of this age.

New age philosophy, along with all other “religious” beliefs that are not Christ- centered, form the basis of the Harlot Church.   This one world super-religion encompasses everything under the sun, except Jesus Christ.  All the pieces are in place and all that remains is for a catalyst to bring everything together.  This catalyst is the reaction to the formation of the Bride of Christ through the manifestation of YHWH’s Divine Love.  All world religions and belief systems will coalesce around their opposition to the perfected church.  Lucifer hates Divine Love and it’s godly intimacy, therefore her followers will hate it too.  You can see the rising tide against Christianity even now in different places on earth.  This is only the beginning of troubles.

The necessity of the Holy Spirit

People must come to realize the importance of being Spirit filled.  It is absolutely necessary to have God indwelling you to stand during Strong Delusion.  I am talking an infilling way beyond only yielding your tongue to the Holy Spirit. The Tabernacles Blessing, is a complete replacement of our carnal desires with the divine nature of Christ. Literally, it is not us, but Christ who lives through us. This is the perfection of the church.

God created us male and female for a divine reason.  Our heavenly lover intended to fill us full of Himself as we unite with one another in love.  People are empty vessels without the in-filling of His Spirit, liable to be tossed about and broken in the coming storm.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit is synonymous with being filled with His love.  Intimacy, in all its many forms, is central to the perfect body of Christ.  If you despise intimacy, if you believe that a brother and sister cannot give each other a holy kiss and remain pure, you are very far from God indeed.

My One, My Undefiled

Purity is of the heart.  God in us makes us holy as we yield to His Spirit.  As YHWH floods our inner being we naturally conform to His image and likeness: which is male and female.  Women take joy in their bodies and celebrate their female attributes.  Men revel in being men; strong, resolute, decisive protectors and providers for women and children.  Men and women love each other as God intended, being led by His Spirit even in intimacy.

In conclusion, God created us male and female for a reason.  Let’s trust our creator.   He made us for His pleasure.  Do not fall victim to the lie that homosexuality is acceptable, it is not.  Men with men is an abomination before God and a gross perversion of their purpose.   Women lusting after women exclusively is error also.  While women are naturally affectionate with one another on occasion, to be attracted to other female to the exclusion of men s is not God’s will.

I believe God made male and female only. The push towards gender fluidity is simply a political movement whose aim is to destroy the image of God in males and females worldwide. Christian believers should reject such wrong thinking as Satanic and against everything that YHWH is.

I Wouldn’t Be A Man by Josh Tuner