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Are You Willing To Marry The Man of God’s Choice?


There are many different things that women look for in men. Some seek wealth and security, others seek physical appearance, still others seek men with social standing. However, many women look deeper than that and value men of character who will be faithful and lead them spiritually. For many ladies, finding a Godly man is tops on their list.  How do you marry a Godly man? Furthermore, where are they and how do you meet one?


To begin with, are you a godly woman?


  • To begin with, are you a godly woman? If you want to find a godly man examine your walk with God first. Godly men are attracted to spiritually minded women who demonstrate their faith. I am not talking only about going to church or dressing conservatively. What I am talking about is your inward walk with Jesus. Do you volunteer for ministries that feed the poor, visit the sick, etc. Do you pray and obey His voice? What is your conversation about when you speak with other ladies? Are you a gossip or do you keep people’s confidences? Are you sensitive to God’s Spirit and do you do what He says to do when He says to do it? A godly man will be attracted to the Holy Spirit in you


Do you trust God?


  • Are you willing to trust God and allow Him to lead you to a Godly man? Most of us look at others and size them up by outward appearance. However, God looks upon the heart. If you truly desire a godly man you must do the same. Many men of God do not fit the worlds definition of success. They look rough and you may find them outside the norm of society because, when you walk with God, you do not fit in with the world. If you desire a true servant of God, learn to look past your natural mind and see, with spiritual eyes, what God sees.


Are you willing to see his heart?


  • Many men of God are diamonds in the rough. Though they are precious, they need some cleaning up. Until they find their God give mate, possibly you, they will not become all that they can be in Him. Though God knows the future or the husband He wants to give you, in the present He may not look exactly as you envision your husband to be. This is where you must hear the voice of God and trust Him to join you with the man He knows is best. Remember, it is what God joins together that no man should put asunder. God leads you to marry and it should not be a decision you do all by yourself.


Are you flexible?


  • If you want to marry a true man of God, expect the unexpected. To find a man who loves God (and marry him) you cannot have everything pre-planned in your natural mind. Many women are very detailed in what “they” want in a man and “how” it is going to happen. Men of God do not live by their natural minds and if you want to marry one you cannot live that way either. Be flexible in God and do what He says when He says to do it.


  • When God selects a man of God for you He does not mess around. Usually, if the Spirit is truly leading you to marry a man of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will move fast. You will need to trust what God says more than what your natural mind or those around you tell you. Many women miss their opportunity to marry their king David because they meet him when he is still running around in the wilderness avoiding Saul. However, take a lesson from Abigail and recognize and marry your man of God when the opportunity presents itself even if it is unexpected.


Are you respectful?


  • Do you respect men? This is perhaps the most important key to finding a godly man. Godly men are made in the image and likeness of God. They manifest His Spirit and take on their Fathers perspectives and attitudes. God Himself values a humble and contrite spirit and resists the proud. If you want to find a good man to marry conform to the attitudes of godly women in the Bible and resist the proud and haughty spirit of this age. Seek to be submissive in a society that promotes women power. Seek to be humble and helpful, putting others first in Christ. Consider having the attitude of Sara who respected Abraham so much she called him Lord. If you, as a woman, seek to conform to how God made you to be, i.e. to be a help meet for a husband, no godly man can resist those divine charms.


When you fall in love with a godly man, you fall in love with God at the same time.