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Beautiful braids

Meandre smiled, squeezing his firm derriere, taking his hand and leading him down to her quarters below. Tane played with and arranged her braids as they went, caressing her shoulder’s right side intermittently. She felt his eyes undressing her as they went.

Barely inside the door, she pulled out the tails of her tunic as he pressed her up against the wall, exploring her mouth deeply, peeling britches off inch by inch as she moaned, “I want you.” The bed, alone in the bare room, begged for companionship. As he pulled her up, she wrapped her bare legs around him, shapely thighs pulling in with all her might, his strong hands holding her tightly on the small of her back. She loved the way his back muscles rippled with desire, making her body yield to his slightest movement.

She’d come so close to losing him earlier, now all she felt inside was a desperate, overwhelming need to affirm life – to feel his power, his need, his passion. Lost in his love, bed squeaking, she lived

A knowing

Tane fast asleep, the ship rocked and squeaked, gliding silently across the sky. The air cool, his body warm, arm across her breasts, she could still feel him inside; a sweet memory. Looking at him, in the semi darkness, a single glowing globe hanging above them, Meandre felt a knowing. Her heart quickened as her spirit opened, receiving. She resisted, not now, she thought, for just to lie there in his arms was heaven enough. Please. Yet once in began, as it often did, it couldn’t be stopped, only slowed down if she was distracted by memory or in a bad mood.

Pushing with her mind, she thought back to the day she’d first seen Tane. Legions of Haders advanced upon their position at the South Port. Helion vastly out numbered their garrisoned forces. Everyone was fearful; all but the tall man in dark dreadlocks who commanded. He was muscular, had a strong jaw line, dark, intelligent eyes, and big hands. He didn’t so much command as direct, with everyone doing his every suggestion without question. Below, arrayed across the dry sea bed, the mass of soldiers from Hades spread out in formation, their great engines of war, the emotion amplifiers, ready to vaporize everything in their path.

Running her fringes over his arm, she thought back to that day. You were magnificent.


Still resisting the knowing, Meandre remembered her feeling of fear at that battle. I knew that it was over, everyone did…everyone except you. That morning, they had evacuated everyone from the city below in preparation for the enemy assault. “Only bring what you absolutely need,” she remembered telling everyone as they brought blankets and bundles of food – not even extras clothes. Only several thousand were left, those who hadn’t been able to escape Nastrom soon enough. Now they were all huddled behind Tane’s forces.

No…please not now.

The stone in her memory felt cold and hard, as she sat that morning looking out over impending doom. Swords, spears, and arrows were no match for the Haders’ Dark Tech. Why hadn’t Michael come? Where was Alethea? She remembered being lost in despair when she felt a big hand on her shoulder, and heard a warm voice. “We’ve got them right where we want them.”

Turning around, she looked up and saw Commander Tane grinning like a fool, looking out over the enemy armies with her. Shocked for a moment by his good looks, she rallied quickly. “If you say so, Commander.”

“What’s your name, soldier?”

“Meandre, Sir.”

“Ah, Kumite. Me too.” He handed her a piece of food wrapped in palm leaves. “Here, have this, it will cheer you up.”

Surprised, she opened the leaves to reveal Firi, a type of bread made with coconut. “Where did you get this? I haven’t seen this since home.” She picked one up and tasted it …heaven.

Tane smiled, “I’m quite a cook when not fighting bad guys.”

The way it felt in her mouth, the sweetness and taste of home, did cheer her.

He surveyed the battle array below, jaw set, saying, “We never wanted this…ever.”

“What are you going to do,” she found herself asking, as if there might actually be a way out he had in mind.

Turning, he said, “The old ways are dying, Me. . . ” She could see him struggling to remember her name.

“Meandre,” she said.

Fight like Haders

“Yes, Meandre. We can’t fight Haders unless we fight like Haders.”

She looked at him sternly. “But wouldn’t that made us just as bad as them?”

Looking back down at the gathering armies, Tane said, “No, because we are not Haders inside here,” he pointed to his heart, “we never will be.”

She remembered not wanting to die. In all the battles she’d been in she never thought she would, but back there on that wall, staring down at death, she was fearful. Tane, however, didn’t look worried at all.

“What do you think heaven is like, Sir?”

He looked at her, seemingly surprised at her question. “I don’t know what it looks like, but some say it is an endless green ocean, and a gentle breeze caresses your sails as you let your boat be taken to new places. It is a good place.” He paused, smiling. “But I doubt you will see it today.”

Despite herself, she just felt like she wanted to be held in his arms, to be small and protected.

Turning again to the armies below, she felt the knowing come, a tightness in her chest, an opening of her mind; a knowledge. Turning and looking at him she said, “You stole Dark Tech! I knew it, I felt it when I came towards you. He second sight just know as she spoke out of turn, “You can’t do that commander! It’s forbidden to use it. You know what it does to people!”

I’m just going to blow it up…a little

“Calm down, Meandre, no one’s going to use it on people. I’m just going to blow it up the dam….a little.” Tane put his hand in his pocket, pressing something. She looked over on the mountain and saw that oscillator light up in the darkness at the base of the dam. Suddenly, it vaporized in a cloud of negative energy, expanding, then contracting into nothing, taking with it a sphere approximately fifty feet of ground, rock, and water at the base of the dam and up the mountain. Instantly a flood of water came hurtling down towards the lower city. The raging waters, miles of water pressure behind them, gained momentum, sweeping away everything in their path. The sense of unstoppable power was frightening. Meandre and everyone else that could, crowded around the walls, as the wave of angry water fell over the edge of the port down to the dry sea bed below, crushing and drowning the whole of the Hader forces.

Coming back to her self in bed, feeling the force of the knowing growing in her, finally she signed and surrendered to it. Okay. It rushed through her like a flood and the only thing that was left when it receded was one word; Micron.

Island in the Stream – Bee Gree | Kuerdas Reggae Version