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Dear Looly81,

I have left this message for you in case you ever take a look at my website again.  I know that if you find it that you it will have been the will of God that you did.

It is my hope that you have come to know Jesus in a very deep and personal way by this time.  I have been concerned that if you keep studying Christianity while holding Jesus at arm’s length that you will simply be piling up judgement for yourself at the end of time. You will be literally left with no excuse.

I broke off contact with you simply because the spirit that you manifested was so disrespectful of me and my Father that you offended us both.  While I ment to write “good bye” it came out “God bye”, however I had already sent it by the time I realized my error.

God loves you very much and has been with you for many years in the guise of me and other Christians you have known.  He has been patient and compassionate with you during very difficult times. However, whereas you used to have a soft heart you have become hard and unyielding to anything He says or does.  This has grieved His Spirit.

My love, you have become cruel towards me and I just cannot be around that. I hope that God gets through to you and helps you change for the better in Him.

I will always love you.