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 Tabernacles Central

My name is Michael King and I, along with others, are the authors of the final feast.

I have not said much about myself before because I thought it largely irrelevant.  So many seem to have a desperate need to know what “covering you are under” or what “doctrines you believe”.  My answer is usually, “My covering is the Holy Spirit” and “My church is the Body of Christ.”  These answers rarely satisfy and many continue to press until they find a “box” they believe I fit in.  I assure you, though, I fit in no box.  In fact, I have simply given up trying.

I stand before God and not before men

Through the years I have come to believe that the only allegiance I owe to anyone is to the Lamb of God.  In order to receive His revelation, I simply cannot care about what others think, lest I change or color what He says.  I do understand that a great deal of what I write challenges what Christians are taught is acceptable doctrine. However, in view of the state of the church and the Strong Delusion we live in, I do not think that’s a bad thing at all.

It is not my intention to offend, but I realize offence is inevitable. Moreover, I wish sometimes I could say the word of God in such a way that all could receive it. Such skill is beyond me though and perhaps that is by design of our Father anyway. Know that I desire to help, heal, strengthen, and console rather that offend anyone. Let God help you to see Tabernacles Blessing for what it really is; God with us. I pray the truth sets you free as I have graciously been.

As for my calling,

I am an Apostle of Tabernacles

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God bless,

Michael King