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milk and honey

See The Goodness of the Land!

When talking to a Christian in India, I had a personal revelation about the Tabernacle Blessing. This revelation was that when speaking about Tabernacles, we only need give a good report. We speak about the milk and honey of the land and how God is well able to give it to us.

Many, understanding the magnitude of what our Father is asking us to achieve, look at the giants in the land and despair. They see obstacles, impossibilities, and challenges too great for their natural minds to comprehend. Yet, those who see by His Spirit, only seeing the milk and honey of God’s gift. We believe with all their hearts that we can do exactly what our Lord desires: we can possess the Land. We can posses the land that has be used and abused by others for generations and make it our own!

You are a hero of the faith in the making

Emphasizing faith over doubt is not wrong, it is exactly what every other man or woman of God has done who ever accomplished anything significant in God’s kingdom. We are heroes of the faith in the making, believers who do the impossible with what we have on hand. We do not need numbers, nor do we need riches, all we must have is a rock solid faith in an almighty God who has called us to win against all odds.

In this we glorify our Father in Heaven. We believe His word and walk by faith. We don’t dwell on what others say can’t be done, but magnifying what He prophesied will be done. Our hearts do not bow to man’s fears or objections! We march on through adversity to achieve our heavenly destination God foreordained from the foundations of the world!

Amen! Let’s do this thing!


Awesome God by Michael W Smith