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mirror mirror



“The natural world mirrors the spiritual world”



Specifically, the explosion of knowledge since the reformation, and hence technology in the natural, world is due to the fact that the true church is nearing perfection in this age.

All truth comes through revelation from God and outside of God no truth exists.  As the Holy Spirit grows stronger within God’s people so to does His illumination roll back the darkness of the natural world.  Sir Isaac Newton is a prime example of this.  He, a giant even among geniuses, was a biblical scholar who came to the conclusion that God was one centuries before it became common knowledge.  I believe his drive to uncover the fundamental workings of the universe was an anointing given by God because the time was now right to move mankind towards the end of the age.  God intervenes at certain times in History to bring about His desired plan and gives chosen vessels truth, whether theological or secular, which accomplishes these designs.


Overlapping creations


Actually, all this illumination that is taking place is a function of the New Heavens and New Earth overlapping this creation through the Holy Spirit.  Due to the fact that the Holy Spirit is a foretaste of our inheritance in this creation things that are meant for the world to come are showing up in this church age.

Course corrections, through divine intervention, is why God confounded the peoples language at the tower of Babel. If our Father would have allowed Nimod’s people to continue “as one” the technological revolution we are experiencing now may have occurred much earlier.  This was not according to Gods plan so He decided to “mix it up” a bit.


Technology is not of God


Odd as it may seem I believe the technological world we see now with all its computers, planes, and space travel is not Gods preferred lifestyle for mankind and will vanish when this church age is wrapped up.  Like some science fiction novel set in a future our civilization and its wondrous machines will all but be forgotten an exist only as myth and legend.  I know this is just speculation but if Atlantis was a pre-flood historical reality possibly they were the first world government created under the influence of Satan.  When that pre-flood world government became completely corrupted God did away with them and hid their knowledge from us just as He will hide the knowledge of our civilization from those of the millennium.  It is amazing that approximately sixteen hundred years of world history is gone except for what we read in a few verses in the book of Genesis.



Tyranosouras Rex is only a mirror a world fallen into continual violence


Another interesting point is that dinosaurs may have been simply a mirror of how big and evil certain rulers had become.  The terrible violence of mankind was mirrored in the animal kingdom.  Also, the most feared of all the creatures was leviathan who was a type of Satan.  The reason why Dinosaurs did not survive the flood, is that God no longer allowed that level evil to manifest in His creation, therefore, the animal kingdom no longer need reflect it.


A doctrine of revelation


I don’t know if people understand how I come up with these things so I want to explain the process for teaching purposes.  Most of our doctrine in the church world today is derived from study of the scripture.  That is, people have a “set” of fundamental doctrines and they study the scriptures with these dogmas in mind.  This “set” of master doctrines are thought to be fundamental postulates of God that are not open to question.  With these axioms in mind everything that scholars read must “fit” with these basic premises.  Therefore, when those who study Gods word come across something that does not fit in with their preconceived ideas, they reject these thoughts and never  re-examine them to see if they be true.  The fear of heresy keeps them from ever traveling down certain paths, good or bad, and thus limits them to proving what they already know.


Scriptures are just the beginning


I operate differently because of how the Holy Spirit works in me.  For me the word of God, as I understand it, is simply a starting point to knowing my Father.  I recognize that my understanding of His scripture only approximates the truth and that I need His input to really understand the deep things of His word.  I believe the Holy Spirit is the only one that can correctly lead and guide me into His truth and therefore I listen to Him when He speaks.


God wants to speak to us directly


The revelation or revealing of what I said in this current Blog came just that way.  I was actually watching TV and it hit me that the natural world explosion of perfection is just reflecting what is happening in Gods people.  I was not thinking about this at that particular time but the Holy Spirit just chose to drop that bit of information into my consciousness.  The fact that I am not afraid to consider most anything started me thinking about what the Spirit had said and connections came together about how the myth of Atlantis may have been the first world government that turned totally evil.  The way it was said to have been destroyed certainly sounds like something God would do.


We are secure in our Father God


When it comes to doctrine I am like a child who feels secure enough in his Fathers love and protection to play freely wherever His Holy Spirit leads.  I know that if I go off in some direction that is not in my or others best interests my Father will gently pull me back onto His path.  This allows me to consider things that others might not.  Other theologians tend to operate from a place of fear when it comes to considering new ideas because they do not have the assurance that God will protect them if they venture off down some little known alleyway of inquiry.


It is ok to take a look at things and consider new ideas


To me it is O.K. to play with new concepts and see where they might fit in with what I already believe and know.  I am not so concerned with perfection in my doctrine yet because I can freely change my mind later if I see something is not fitting in rightly.  When I pick up a piece of new theology I test it and see how it looks overall with everything else I believe and if it seems to work I lay it next to the other scriptures and consider it for a while.  Sometimes I go too far and have to take something out and discard it because, after reflection, it really does not harmonize with the whole of Gods word.

A lot of theories are fun to consider and I like knowing how things happened even in such distant places as pre-flood history.  However, though these things types of ideas are interesting they are of less importance than what God is currently doing with His people at the end of this age.  It is always good to keep in perspective what is truly relevant and solid as opposed to what are just curiosities that add color to our doctrines.


God is a person, not a book


Brethren, don’t make the mistake of thinking your doctrine is God.  God is a person and not a book.  The Bible is about God and not God Himself.  People have elevated scripture to such an insane height that they are starting to worship it more than the One who wrote it.  Theoretically, if you did have just the pure word of God (meaning your theology) then you could say it accurately reflected God.   The truth is, though, that what you actually posses is just your particular doctrinal approximation of it. If you understand that your doctrines only approximates the true word of God and keep it supple then you are ok.  However, if you make the mistake of thinking you doctrine is perfect then you have, in fact, fashioned an idol.


It is a gospel of revelation


I am not primarily a teacher but a revelator.  God reveals things to me and I reveal them to others as best I can.  It is my hope and prayer that true teachers will get a hold of some of these uncovered truths and teach them to others, line upon line and precept upon precept, so that we may better know Him and become like Him.

Lastly, younger men and women of God need to benefit from those who have gone before them so that they can be encouraged to explore and come to know God for themselves.  This is important because, in the end, it will just be God and each one of us as individuals giving account of our lives at the final reckoning reaping the commensurate rewards.

Paul says,

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9