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Are You A Flat Earther In A Global World?

Before the age of enlightenment, most believed that the earth was flat. In fact, according to the prevailing wisdom, if you traveled too far in one direction, you would certainly fall off the end of the world into oblivion. Therefore, they warned people to never go beyond where the map ends.

Moreover, in those days, “thar be monsters” in that region who could sink a whole ship. Most believed if you ventured too far beyond the horizon, you would certainly never come back. In that day, it was not just a few crackpots who believed this, but the majority.

Thar be no monsters

However, today we know that the earth is round. We also understand that sea monsters, the kind that sink whole ships like the fabled Kracken, are fictitious. In fact, today we embark on luxury cruises that go around the world and we never fall off anything.

The point is that, in their ignorance, they warned of things that did not exist. Though we know there are whales and giant squid, they do not attack vessels. Therefore, all the fear that people generated by warning others was in vain.

Fearmongers among us

Likewise, there seem to be many who feel it is their calling to warn other Christians of danger. For them, peril lurks behind every new experience and to be safe is practically their only goal in life. Anywhere they have ever been is unsafe. Any new thing is fraught with danger and must be avoided. They live in fear and they want you to live with them there, too.

It seems any time that God does a new thing, many rush to instill their fear of it in you. While you want to explore God and see what lies beyond where the map ends, they say “Here thar be monsters“. Yet, most of the time, there are not monsters and when we decide to shove off into the Rhema of God, we find new and exciting places in Him we never knew existed.

Paul says,

” For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. “

2 Timothy 1:7

Therefore, when people endeavor to instill fear in us, for whom do they really speak?

In conclusion

There are not monsters where the map ends, only beautiful vistas. To go where few have ventured is a privilege only the brave are given. God gives good gifts to His children, and we do not have to fear the scorpion when God gives us His Spirit. Only those who dare to believe God find out the things that He has prepared for them. When people want to draw back from YHWH on the pretext of being safe, simply tell them, “Ha Ha! I laugh in the face of danger and believe God anyway!”

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