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More of God

Ask and You Shall Receive

I have been thinking today about the demographics of the Tabernacles movement.   As I was speaking about this to my wife she said, “the people that will want to hear about Tabernacles are just like us: those who want more of God.”  I thank God for my wife because she has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter.

I like this definition of our demographic because it accurately describes the hearts of those who will be open to hear the message of the final feast.  A common thread of my life has always been to want whatever God had to give me.  I started out in a “free will” Baptist church, progressed to a non-denominational church, and finally left organized Christianity altogether because I wanted more of God.

Have you become fed up with church?

I was reading a Gallup poll today and it stated that young people between the ages of 18 – 29 are leaving their churches and becoming unaffiliated with any religion.  Oddly enough, these same people believe in God and right and wrong as much as their parents did but it seems they have just become fed up with church business as usual. To me, this signifies a latent, yet untapped desire to know more of God.  I believe that these disaffected souls are part of the people that want more of God but do not know where or how to find Him.

One good thing about people that “want more of God” is that they are open to do practically anything to get it.  I was always open to change if I felt in my spirit that God had further revelation or experience to give me.  It was always about God to me and not about the form that He chose to come in.  I remember talking with one minister who asked me to become part of his ministry and I said, “if I hear my Father’s voice speaking through you I will gladly participate.  However, if I don’t I won’t care about a word you say.”  Though he did not take that message very well that is exactly what I felt, by the Holy Spirit, to say at that moment.

Want more of God, He will gladly give of Himself to you

In conclusion, I pray that God finds me among those who “want more of God.” I want to fellowship with spiritually minded people who seek God as others seek earthly gold. So many simply accumulate information but stop short of doing anything with what they know. However, I want to be found with the “doers” of the word who seize the day in Him and answer our Father’s call with everything they possess. That, to me, would be very exciting.

Let God’s will be done.


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