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moving at the speed of God

God is very sure of Himself and you can be too!

Here is the typical scenario,

  1. God speaks
  2. We analyse what He says to determine if it can be done
  3. We add unnecessary steps to make us feel safe
  4. Sometimes we do God’s will on time
  5. Or, we delay and only partially do His will
  6. Or, we do nothing at all

Here is the “moving at the speed of God” scenario

  1. God speaks
  2. You do exactly what He says to do, when He says to do it, with whomever He says to do it with.

The difference between these two examples is moving at the speed of God. In the first scenario we add unnecessary steps, in the second we simply obey without delay.

Over analyzing God creates unnecessary steps

Often in our lives, God speaks to us and we hear His voice. However, after analyzing what He says, we talk ourselves out of doing it. Moreover, others tell us that what God says is doctrinally incorrect or not permissible.

I encourage you to believe that God knows exactly what He wants to do, when He wants to do it, and with whom. As prompted by the Holy Spirit, we can say ANYTHING He puts into our hearts. When God leads plainly we can do ANYTHING He asks us to do. While the first few times is a heart pounding, gut wrenching adventure, eventually obeying His voice becomes second nature.

Moving at the speed of God

The truth is, we can move at the speed of God. We don’t have to add any extra steps to what He says. We can simply go do whatever he wants to do.

When it comes to spiritual connections, if God is leading us to be with someone, we can trust His Spirit and be God manifest in the flesh to them. We can say exactly what we feel led to say. Assured by His Spirit, we can hold them, talk to them, or do anything else God desires without worry.

Take yourself out of the equation

Moreover, by taking ourselves out of the equation, moving at God’s speed becomes easy. We quickly do the will of God on earth as it is in heaven. Once we get used to it, we find this is an easier way to walk with God. Also, it is very exciting to see our Lord do miraculous things through our obedience.

Begin moving at the speed of God

In conclusion, we are called to be moving at the speed of God. Let God live through you without hindrance. Be transparent and reveal the treasure you have in your earthen vessel. Bless others on time with His word, His action, or His love. Trust Him implicitly and see amazing miracles happen in your life and the lives of those around you. Moving at the speed of God really does build our faith as it brings heaven to earth.