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When Death Finally Arrived,


I Was Not Ready To Let Go…But Then I Read This:



Dearest Esther.


How are you doing today? I am sorry, I should have called, but I cannot talk on the phone without crying. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know the hurt you’re feeling and it cuts deep.

I ask this question all the time, “how do we exist without them existing anymore? How do we smile and carry on?”

Tears fall, memories live on, but that longing for them never goes away. My family has asked me to pass on their condolences, they feel your loss. We had fun, didn’t we.  Wwe had joy and seasons in the sun!

May God bless us all who remain with long, healthy, happy and wonderful lives, so we can raise our kids with the love our parents taught us. You are such a joyful soul. May God bless you. You are my sister. We love you heaps. Lots of love, prayers and hugs.”


Again, my friend wrote,


“I forgot to tell you this! On Friday the 3rd, I was on my prayer mat and while praying I had this sudden feeling. Really odd kind of feeling and you suddenly popped into my head and your mum, and so I prayed.  I begged God to have mercy on your mum and alleviate her pain. The time was around 2:30 to 3:30pm I think.  Weird isn’t it.

Your parents raised you so broad-minded.  You were the only girl in school who became my friend. You, Esther, defended me.  When you went on to High School, we lost touch, I wished you were at my school, I missed you sticking up for me.

Knowing you, gave me courage and strength. My sister also remembers you and my big sister does too.  You and your mum gave her a present on the birth of her daughter.  I am glad to hear that you stopped smoking.

May God bless you with a long healthy happy wonderful life. Love your little girl just like your mum loved you. I would love her to see my daughter. Keep our friendship alive.”


Angels unawares as my Mum passed on


My Mum died on Friday the 3rd at 3-15pm, the time my friend spoke about when praying. May God bless her for just responding without question, not mattering that she is a Muslim and I am a Christian.

My friend thought she freaked me out telling me that, so I said to her…

“No far from it, you did not freak me out! My faith is less about being doctrine led and more about being Spirit led.  I very much believe in listen, hear and obey God on time.  I  know He can use anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow for His good and purpose.

It is very fitting and loving of God to have used you my friend in my mum’s final hour, helping her spirit’s passing.  You and your family have always, and always will be, family to me”


Anyone, anywhere, anytime


So you see, here is a very good example of how God works through anyone, anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow for His good and purpose.  All it took was someone to respond to that prompting of the Holy Spirit.  My friend simply listened, heard and obeyed God on time, even if not knowing the fullness of that.  I believe she played a part in my mum’s passing being used by God because she is sensitive to His voice.  Also,  her words gave me comfort and a smile, even when death had arrived and I just was not ready to let go.

As children growing up, I had no idea that I had such effect on my friend, and didn’t know she has carried those memories close with her throughout her life.  You never know when you are conduits for God’s Love, Spirit and healing.

Be blessed,