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my beloved

My beloved,

There are many things I am changing in you, that I am making new. Give Me every last part of your life and I will restore it.  Though it seems impossible, you will experience and see the work I do.  I love My faithful so much, that I grant you the desires of your heart. My beloved possesses pure intentions, serving me no matter what the cost, therefore I  send them My Word.   My intended hears Me and I have heard them.  Let go of your fears and let Me Love you, embracing you in all things.

You are My Bride and I AM your lover. Let Me touch every part of your deepest being, bringing My kingdom to you.  Allow me to recreate by My love and in My name.  Intimacy, pure and holy, is My banqueting table.  The feast I lay before you is what you need for your body, mind, and soul.  Yield to my affections, allowing Me close in all things.  Do not see as the world sees, nor judge as the world judges, for they are blind to the truth of who I Am.


You please me My beloved


truthfully, I could not love you any more or any less.  Allow My healing intimacies bring you freedom and restoration. Let this renewal be a testimony to others,  so that they may l know My hand in this world through your life.

Do not be afraid, I will never harm you. I am angry with those that mistreat you and try to keep you from Me. Let Me restore your life, bring beauty from ashes, and where you felt dry and dead, making your bones live.

Embrace every part of me, breathing My life into you. My Love and Spirit is everything and everywhere.  I am life itself and my Spirit unites and you together as one.


You are My beloved and I AM yours.