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What did God Make That We Need To Cover?

As we come back to the garden and God restores our innocence, everything changes. In the absence of sin the reasons for many of our behaviors no longer applies. In fact, so much of what we do is shame based that, without it, it’s hard to imagine how to live.

Clothes, for most, say a lot about people. Many of the hippie movement were very clothing optional while holiness pentecostals couldn’t seem to cover up enough. One believed in free love while the other believed in almost no love at all. Today, people often use their clothes as billboards, advertising what they think is trendy, important, or provocative.

Do your clothes cover your shame?

I believe though that clothes are mostly used to cover our shame. Even though the lady above is clad in the appropriate places, for many, she is overly bare. Yet, exactly why do we believe she is showing too much? Even more to the point, why are we embarrassed for her?

I submit to you that there would actually be no shame in the way she dresses even if she was totally naked, wearing only her accessories. After all, in the beginning everyone was naked and unashamed and God said His creation was “very good”.

Revelation tells us what is appropriate

The Tabernacle Experience replaces natural minded judgment with revelation. Whereas our society puts strict controls on how we dress, God doesn’t adhere to our social norms. Thus, those who return to innocence act unexpectedly, demonstrating true liberty despite offending some.

Naked and unashamed

To Tabernacle Christians however, when we choose to decorate our bodies, it is simply accessorizing in the Spirit. Weather permitting, clothing is worn for comfort. If the weather is cold we dress appropriately. The point is, in the absence of shame, nobody cares what anyone else wears.

If you not worried about lust, it really makes little difference how we dress. Even if a beautiful woman goes topless, spirit led men don’t lust in their hearts after her. Women, seeing a brother unclothed don’t entertain sinful thoughts. Why? Because to the pure all things are pure. Moreover, if God does not lead you to be sexual, you simply have no desire to be so.

In the restoration, there is no shame

Adam and Eve lived naked and unashamed and, in the restoration of all things, we are very comfortable in our own skin too. The truth is, for those who are filled with God’s Holy Spirit, we begin to live now, in this creation, as we do in the next. Furthermore, our sensibilities conform to the New Heavens and New Earth wherein dwells righteousness.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty

The reason I am making this point is, “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty“. In the Tabernacles Experience people, like the woman above, are just sweet sisters who are beloved for their heart. Men and women, married or unmarried, show a degree of familiarity normally reserved only for the closest family. However, as Jesus said, who is your brother, sister, mother or father? Is it not those who do the will of our Lord?

Let no man judge you

Finally, let no man judge you. All that is really happening here is that we are loving as God loves. God’s nature overtakes and we express affection towards one another as His Spirit leads. To us, the woman above is simply pretty, no more, no less. We want what’s best for her and love her from our hearts. Everything and anything can be decent and in order so long as God is leading us.

The only thing we need wear is His love

Trust God’s agape love. Believe all things, hope all things, never seeking your own. God’s Character never fails. Finally, give yourself to His love and be passionate towards the Bride of Christ. Truly, the only accessory we ever need is to adorn ourselves with His love. Amen.

Only Love by Jordan Smith