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The World!






To begin with, in the story of the Good Samaritan, what strikes me he  was the one who ‘responded” to the mans need.  The others, though they saw his need, side stepped him on the roadside.  They could not be bother with the poor man’s plight.  In contrast, the Samaritan didn’t worry about the inconvenience or the expense, he just responded to a need he saw.  Frankly, isn’t this how a neighbor should be?

Unfortunately, the Jews looked down upon the Samaritans as unworthy of the things of God because they were of mixed heritage. However, God can use anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, for His purposes. Many times, God uses people ‘outside of the religious box’ to further His kingdom. Moreover, doing our Father’s will pleases Him.


Do unto others


This story reminds me of the old lady telling me…you wont go far wrong in life if you do unto others as you would have done to yourself…

Do unto others has no limitations on,


you would do it.

Do we respond to the needs we see in our communities? Like the Samaritan we only need to recognize the need we are presented with.  Though others may be more “qualified” it does not matter. When we see the need, it is up to us to do something about it.


Testify of God’s greatness


How often do we only turn to God when in need and then, once the crisis passes, just carry on with life.  Do we think to testify of the miracles God does in our lives to others so that we give Him glory? On the other hand, what about being the hand of God to help someone else for a change?

Dare to be God’s hand and heart to the world. The WORLD is your neighbor because, for God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten Son to die for the whole world. Therefore, the world is your neighbor. God says to even love your enemies.


Such as you have, give to your neighbor


God’s Divine Love flowing through actions demonstrates His nature . Be the unity of the Love of God on this earth. Become Christ’s ambassadors here on earth.  Moreover, don’t sidestep anyone, anywhere, anymore. Love your neighbor no matter how strange, or difficult their situation may seem.  In other words, reach out and touch the hurting of this world.

Always remember…

You are peacemakers.
We are ambassadors.
In like manor, be Christ’s representatives here on earth.
We’re God’s beloved sons and daughters.
All are vessels for God.
Likewise, we are a temple of the Holy Spirit.
Be filled with God’s Love and Spirit.
Moreover, become part of the corporate Body of Christ, with your own roles in that.
Let us keep reconciliation to our Father as key in reaching out to people.
You are individually important.
Finally, just as you are, you are very much loved by our Father, with whom He is well pleased … accept it and believe it!!