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“To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:”

Colossians 1:27

Unfortunately, people are doing the same things that people did centuries ago.  There is little new revelation under the sun even though most of what God has to teach us is, as of yet, unknown.  Generally, the church is so mired in dogma that it prevents people from experiencing God in the ways He desires to be currently known.

You must go where God is

Where There Is The Pillar Of Fire, There Is God In The Midst

Even more unfortunate is the fact that people are not experiencing God even though they desperately seek too.  This is because God has moved on from those truths and experiences of  Passover and Pentecost to a new and wonderful place called Tabernacles.

There was a time when worshipping at the “high” places in Israel was the right thing to do.  Yet, once God moved His worship to the temple at Jerusalem, He would not hear their prayers anywhere else.  Likewise, God has moved from the places He was in the past and expects us to move with Him.  God is now at Tabernacles and that is where you will find His presence today.

Here is a truth,

“God has been leading us back to the garden since the fall of Adam.  Jesus was Adam 2.0 and, in Him, we are also a new creation”

Throughout church history, there have been those who believed that God wanted us to live, once again, like Adam.  These people were sometimes called Adamites.  They believed that we could and should regain the state of sinless perfection that Adam and Eve had before the fall.   Detractors often maligned these groups as hedonists for the freedom that they believed they possessed in God.

Adam 2.0, a new creation in Christ

Whatever an Adamite was, I do know that the concept they believed in was a scriptural one.  The central truth of coming back into the image and likeness of God is right.

In truth, though, we only return to sinlessness by allowing Christ to live His life through each one of us.  Here is a truth,

“Just as God imputes righteousness to us through being in Christ, so too perfection can only be realized in us through being one with God.”

Practically speaking, as we yield everything and let God direct our every action we take on His nature.  Since YHWH is perfect, in Him, we are perfected too.  In fact, God filling us is the only possible way we are ever whole or Holy.

The way to be holy is to let God live in you

Right now, the church, in general, believes that we can live the life of Christ through knowledge and “deciding” to obey the scriptures.  However, our natural minds can never cause us to live like Christ because he didn’t live that way himself.  Jesus yielded fully to His Father and did whatsoever God commanded through yielding to His Holy Spirit.  Christ was “God with us” in that he perfectly reflected the nature of His father to us.

The new Adamite will, just like the last Adam (Christ), simply yield to the Spirit of God to such a degree that they reflect God’s nature. God’s perfection will, therefore, become their perfection. They will do this through the Holy Spirit as they grow into Him.  The Body of Christ becomes a perfect man through allowing God’s sinless perfection to rule in them.  Here is another truth,

“Walking in the Spirit is not something we do, but Someone we yield to.”

As gold overlaid upon an earthen vessel makes it priceless, so too God in us will make us better than we can possibly be alone.

This is a present truth in the mind and heart of God now.  It is the calling of the Holy Spirit to this generation.  Hear with your spirit and see with your heart what the Spirit is saying to all of us, “the perfection of the saints is near”.

Wonder by Hillsong United