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Abuja National Mosque

A battleground for the faith

Nigeria, along with the other African nations I have outlined in the Tabernacle vision for Africa, is important because it is currently a battleground between Christianity and Islam.  Essentially, the country is split in two and these two faiths are at war with one another.  Yes, I understand about the oil and tribal issues etc.  Yet, in view of all the natural causes for the conflict,  at the heart of this darkness is the struggle of prince spirits for the control of this area of the world.  In Nigeria, Christians seem to be killing Muslims and Muslims seem to be killing Christians.  This real world blood shed is only an echo of the war that is currently being waged in heaven for the control of the souls in this region.

Islamic teachers try to assert that their religion is peaceful and loving.  However, this is not true.  Yes, there are passages in the Koran that advocate mercy but at the heart of this false faith is revenge, retaliation, and retribution.  When nascent Islamists were persecuted and forced out of their home the first act of these new believers  was to fall upon a passing caravans and plunder them in retaliation for losing their possessions in Mecca.  In the Muslim view, these raids were justified and done with the permission of Allah.

True Islam

The fight against global terrorism is simply a fight against Muslims who are actually reading the Koran and doing  what it literally says.  When those who believe in Allah and His prophet feel that they are persecuted and mistreated, retaliation is not only desired but mandated by the example set through Mohammed and his followers first actions.

Therefore, essentially we are in a battle where hate born of vengeance is at the center of the struggle.  Christians, acting very UN-Christlike, are doing their fair share of hating too.  Atrocities are being committed on both sides and neither one is righteous before God.  However, the only way we can ever effect these earthly battles in a spiritual way is through the love of the Spirit, or, Divine Love.

These places in Africa from Kenya to Nigeria are dangerous.  The are filled with all manner of evil spirits that walk the earth in the guise of human beings which they inhabit.  The Nigerians realize this fact in an unconscious way when they depict witchcraft in their many movies.  Popular culture tacitly knows that evil forces are at work.

Deeply ingrained

Many of these spirits are so deeply ingrained in the people they can hardly be distinguish from the persons themselves.  Whole lineages are sold to certain demons or groups of demons that actually have gained such control over their people that their families are under a kind of group possession.  Most of the world does not understand the depth of this possession and make the mistake of thinking that those persons alone are acting so cruelly.  However, the type of satanic violence that people resort to in the dark continent truly is being authored by Hell itself.

I know that some who read my words will laugh and say that this sounds ridiculous.  Demons are not even real and even if they were mankind is plenty able to be cruel all on its’ own.  My friend, nothing could be further from the truth.  Actually, what I am saying here does not even tell the half of it. 

God says,

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Ephesians 6:2

Satan controls the earth through its natural governments.  This is why Satan could offer the kingdoms of the world to Jesus.  What actually takes place is people who do not know God, and sadly many who do know God, are controlled by various demons that influence them to act on the Serpent’s behalf.   Very few African leaders have any control over these prince spirits and these evil entities use them as puppets to do their will.  Many make the mistake of assuming that because they see a body speaking and doing things that it is the leader who is calling the shots.  That is simply not so.  Very little of the real person is left and most of what you see is people yielding themselves to demonic spirits who are carrying out their evil through them.  People are just too spiritually unaware to recognize possession when they see it.

The point I am endeavoring to make is that this is a spiritual war that is manifesting in a physical war and that war must first be won through the spirit and not through natural means.  Simply taking up arms to try to win a battle will not address the actual cause of the battle.  The key to peace is through the Holy Spirit directly leading us and showing forth His Divine Love.  It is a battle for the hearts of men, Christian and Muslim alike.  I am talking about solving the long term issues.

If there is no other choice, defending ourselves is not wrong

Of course, if someone is trying to kill you, your family, or even someone from your community,  I understand that people sometimes must take up arms to defend themselves.  However violence is not the only answer.  God is never without options and neither are you.  If you are in tune with His Spirit, God can do all manner of things to change the situation so that  you and your loved ones will not be harmed.  To trust God in such circumstances is extremely difficult and I do not know if I would have enough faith to do so.  However, at least we know it can be done.

Historically speaking, the love of God through Jesus and then His disciples conquered the Roman Empire until Christianity was made the official state religion during Emperor Constantine’s rule.  As it was then, so it must be now.  Islam cannot be defeated through hate or revenge because it feeds off of those violent emotions.  The only way to quench the fires of hell is through the washing with the water of the word, i.e. the Holy Spirit.  Just as Divine Love through Christ changed the hearts of the peoples of the Roman Empire, so too that same love is the only force strong enough to overcome the spirit of revenge in Islam.

There are a lot of believers in Nigeria

Nigeria is important because it is the one of the largest and wealthiest countries in Africa.  It is important because it is roughly fifty percent Christian and fifty percent Muslim.  Currently it is at a tipping point and if Islam comes to dominate that country, then all of Western Africa will topple like dominoes into the sphere of Muslim control and domination.  Once this happens, the door will be shut and the only way that these regions will ever turn to the one true God and His son Jesus Christ is through a Christian revival originating within Islam itself and this may very well happen.

As Tabernacle Christians we are meant to morph into whatever shape the Holy Spirit chooses.  Normal Christianity cannot deal with the advance of Islam because organized Christianity, by and large, resists change.  I cannot even imagine at this point what a Holy Spirit led Christian would look and act like working deep within Muslim countries.  I only know that they will be almost unrecognizable to anything normative Christianity might accept.  You see, Divine Love will do literally anything that some might be saved. Those that yield to God’s Divine Love will morph into whatever is needed by Christ.  It does not mean that they will water down what they believe but rather they will strip off everything they don’t need so that those that they love may hear the words they speak.

The times, they are changing

What I say strains the very limits of what many can believe at this point in time, but there is hope for the future that they may fear. All I know is that the true church, the church that God will endue with power from on High, will look like nothing we have ever seen.  Real Christians under the full influence of the Spirit will do exploits that will seem highly unorthodox to those who do not know His Spirit.

In conclusion, we see through a glass darkly.  We know in part and we prophesy in part.   However, as we come closer to the real thing in Jesus, I trust that we shall all know as we are known.  Even though these are the first steps on our journey, we must take them by faith, trusting our Father to lead and guide us along the way.