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No Guts No Glory

Don’t tell me about the impossible soldier! My God eats impossible for breakfast!

Everyone seems to be trying to impress upon me the “reality” of life lately. Constantly talking about this problem and that problem and how everything is going to come crashing down if I don’t do what they think I should do.  It is almost like they want to hold my face 6 inches from a wall and force me to say, “Oh my God! I’ve hit a wall.” I’ve got news for you, I serve as a savior that walks through walls!

I live in a supernatural world without walls!

Let me tell you what I think, “My God is able and there are no brick walls in my life.”  I don’t know why some always think they are seeing life as it is when they look down at the ground.  They talk about faith but when things get rough they want to revert to natural minded thinking. That is ridiculous, when things get rough that is the exact time to tell God that He is more than able to do above and beyond what we ask.

Sir, YES Sir!, nothing is impossible!

Let me tell another secret, “I don’t care what situations look like. I only care about the One who has the power to fix it!” It’s not about what is going on in this fake “reality” that people seem so worried about, it is about Who
we know.  I believe that my Father, the very God of the universe, can and will do absolutely everything single thing that He has ever promised. I believe that there is no problem He can’t solve, no situation He can’t rectify, and that NOTHING is impossible with Him.

Where I am did not come about by following man’s wisdom.  This desert that surrounds me did not come about because I took the path of least resistance. I am here because this is where God led me to be. No matter how things look, I will not turn and say to God, “were there no graves in Egypt that you have led me here to die.”

Use a faith flame thrower and roast the Devil before his time!

I tell you and everyone else in this world that God is able and He is mighty. If my situation seems impossible to others it is only because my Father is about to do a miracle. I will not fail in the day of adversity because my strength comes from my Father and His arm is not so short that it cannot save.

When Pharaoh’s army descends upon us and the Red Sea looms in front of us I want to be the one guy who stands with Moses saying “Yeah! Our God is able, this is going to be some miracle!”  I get so tired of demons of fear, anxiety, and disbelief talking to me through believers. Believers in what, I ask?  In the Devil? If you believe in God why aren’t you saying what He says instead of saying what the Devil says? Remember, no guts no glory!

Come on Christians, no guts no glory!

Come on saints, no guts no glory!  If we cannot take this amount of heat how are we going to stand strong when the chips are really down?  We have to decide to say the words of God when everything else in the world seems totally opposite. It does not matter what things look like. Just say the opposite and you will be on the right side of faith. Speak those things that are naught as though they are until God creates them.

Stand strong and overrun the enemy with faith!

Finally, speak faith all the time. Speak faith until it nauseates the demons around you. Live faith by declaring the word of God, the word that He speaks to you today, as your only reality. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Plant your feet and say, “No further you uncircumcised philistine dogs!  This is the ground that God gave me and I will not be moved! I will not permit you to take one more step into my birthright! I don’t care how many others are running away from this fight, I will not give you another inch!”  Be intransigent in God. Make stubborn faith your shield.  Be a warrior!

Hooah! No guts no glory Christians! I’ll talk to you on the other side!

Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) by Chris Tomlin