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spiritual connections in the body of Christ

When God Connects Us We All Win

The correct way to view spiritual connections is that they are supposed to be the norm, not the exception among believers. In fact, spiritual connections are the way in which God desires to bring the unity of the Spirit.

Spiritual unions come in all shapes and sizes, no two being exactly the same. However, whether it is a hug or a Divine Mate, the Holy Spirit desires to be the author of them all.

Spiritual connections are as normal as speaking in other tongues

Just because it is rare these days that does not mean it isn’t the way it is supposed to be. We’ve have forgotten what Divine Love is all about and what God originally meant spiritual connections to be.

By way of example, God gave the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to believers on the day of Pentecost. Everyone spoke in other tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. However, during much of the following eighteen centuries, speaking in tongues  was lost to the church. It was only in 1901 in Topeka Kansas, and later at the Azuza street revival, that people started believing and receiving it again.

The Holy Spirit knits us together in love

Likewise, spiritual connections, just because it’s not widely practiced today doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be. Spiritual connections between believers is the Holy Spirit knitting His body together.  Love of the Spirit is what God wants and is given for His purposes.  Sometimes it is for ministry, sometimes for mentoring, friendship, help, or even marriage. The point is, though, that divine love between believers is not supposed to be rare but common place.

What keeps people from allowing God to connect them is fear of intimacy. Spiritual connections are necessarily intimate to the degree that the Holy Spirit leads. When I say intimate I am not talking about sex, but rather a whole range of familiar behavior that humans can experience.

Sex between Divine Mates is only one aspect of Divine Intimacy

Unfortunately, the devil has successfully associated intimacy with sex.  Whenever people hear of the word intimate they automatically link it with possible sin. Therefore, at the first sign of familiarity, people automatically shy away from it.  The moment  you touch someone you like the comfort you feel in the warmth but we are taught that it’s wrong and so we pull back in fear.

However, we can’t escape the fact that God created us male and female.  Half the Body of Christ is the opposite sex, therefore if you are always fear immorality you cannot allow God to love them through  you.  The fact is, though, Divine love is literally the gateway back to the garden and to reconnecting fully with God.

Spiritual connections supersede any church authority

Spiritual connections are authored by God, therefore, they do not conform to the natural man’s ideas. The Holy Spirit causes us to will and to do His good pleasure.  God is Holy, therefore whatever we do when led by His Spirit is holy also. You can even dance before the ark of the covenant naked in public and it be perfectly right and acceptable.

Natural men and women do not trust themselves to behave properly in the presence of the opposite sex. Therefore they make all kinds of rules and regulations to keep themselves from temptation. However, if you have a desire to sin within yourself, simply not doing the physical act doesn’t keep you from sinning. The only way to successfully battle sin is to not have it in you in the first place.

Normalizing spiritual connections in the Body of Christ

This is the central problem with those who want to enforce holiness through doctrine. It simply does not work, other that to keep things looking good. It gives people a false sense of righteousness.

To be holy, we all need a change of heart, not a list of things not to do.  Normalizing spiritual connections in the Body of Christ allows God to take control of His people and live His life through them. We can only become holy because He is holy. Perfection can only be attained by taking on YHWH’s nature. The way to do this is to allow ourselves to connect with Him through His believers. As God flows between us, sin naturally leaves us and we become perfected in Him. This is why the unity of the Spirit proceeds the unity of the faith.

Become a facilitator of God’s love

In conclusion, instead of preventing intimacy, facilitate it.  Start normalizing spiritual connections in the Body of Christ.  Promote intimacy in church, helping people love one another in Christ.  Teach people what a holy kiss really is and why it is ok to be intimate as the Spirit leads.  Start removing man-made constraints by allowing God’s people to breathe a bit in the absence of control. Amen.

I believe by Blessed Union of Souls