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not to destroy but to fulfill

Jesus says,

” Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. “

Matthew 5:17

Some object to the Tabernacle experience because it does not conform to their present belief system.  They can’t believe that God would lead them differently than their present teaching prescribes. 

The truth is, the Tabernacles Experience cannot fit into Pentecostal doctrine. This is not surprising though, because the Pentecostal Experience didn’t fit into Baptist doctrine. Moreover, those who followed Christ in the first century didn’t fit into Jewish doctrine. Therefore, like the first believers, those who follow Jesus in this century have to come out of their doctrine too.

Tabernacle saints come not to destroy the word of God, but to fulfill it.

Believers have become overly reliant upon their understanding of the scriptures. We think our doctrine is God. Therefore, when someone does not line up with what we believe, we assume they don’t line up with God Himself.

Jesus says,

“I and my Father are one. Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.”

John 10:30,32

Christ is the fulfillment of the scriptures, yet because of their doctrine the Jews wanted to stone him. The son of God did not fit what others believed, yet Jesus was obviously a man approved by God. Therefore, it was the Jews’ understanding of the scriptures that was wrong, not God manifest in the flesh that stood before them.

The Tabernacle Blessing cannot fit within current church doctrine

Likewise, the Tabernacle Experience cannot fit within the normative churches’ doctrine. Being filled with the love of God is tantamount to being one with our Father. We act and talk while under the influence of God’s Spirit exactly the way Jesus acted and spoke. Though we are God manifest in our flesh, we do not fit peoples’ doctrine any more than Christ did.

Believers cannot simultaneously live by the Spirit and by the knowledge of good and evil. YHWH only desires that His kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven. Therefore, as we follow His Spirit, we naturally become unlike those who do not follow Him.

We cannot love as God loves and be doctrinally correct according to man’s teachings

We cannot love completely and be doctrinally correct, because man’s doctrine does not allow for it. Only as we leave our present understanding and yield to God’s Spirit, are we freed to do His will. Only after we have trusted God simply because He says it, do we understand what He is saying. This is the way we originally came to Jesus and this is the way we make heaven our eternal home.

In conclusion, we come not to destroy but to fulfill the scriptures, particularly John 17. Tabernacle saints conform to God’s will, but not necessarily man’s teaching. This has always been the case with those who are led by the Spirit. Amen.

Before The Throne Of God by Selah