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Truth, God’s truth, is often times inconvenient.  This is not because the truth is somehow wrong, it is just that it exposes how far we are from it.

I caution those who read this essay to count the cost before you do. Once you know the truth about spiritual connections contained within this teaching, it will be hard to forget it. After you understand these precepts, if you are led by God’s Spirit, your life may change forever.  Pray before you read.  Do not go further without God’s permission. To whomever much is given, much will be required.


Michael King


Spiritual Lessons From The “The Notebook”

 Ever wonder why certain movies become blockbusters?  What makes them so successful? Why do so many people want to see them?  I believe that one reason fans rave about “The Notebook” is that the central message of the movie touches upon something universal deep inside our souls.  In other words, many successful movies portray eternal spiritual truths.

True love conquers all

There is a widely held belief that “true love conquers all”. Most are certain that love between people, if it is real (like in The Notebook), can overcome any obstacle.  Many believe, instinctively it seems, that there is one true love and if they are lucky enough to find their soul mate, nothing in this world can keep them apart.

I would go further than that, however, and say that it was and is the plan of God to unite us with someone so special, so perfectly suited to us, that we can’t help but fall in love and become one flesh. I believe that Spirit led marriage was literally meant to be, “love at first sight.”

Adam names his wife

In fact, this is exactly what happened between Adam and Eve. One look at Eve and Adam was so hopelessly in love that he exclaimed,

And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

Genesis 2:23,24

Adam and Eve were the very first, “match made in heaven.”

The film, “The Notebook” is about impossible love.  A young man, Noah, meets a young woman, Allie, who comes from money. There is an immediate electric attraction and had they been allowed too, they most certainly would have wed.  However, Noah is relatively poor and Allie’s parents, who are rich, forbid her from seeing him.  Will true love prevail or will Allie and Noah submit to the realities of life and go their separate ways.  Watch the movie and find out.

We were created to spiritually connect

The truth, that touches us so deeply in this movie, is that God fashioned men and women to connect this way. Our Father created us to unite with each with such passion, such desire, that our union would be unbreakable. The thing missing from this movie and the point I want to make, is that our union with another was always meant to be orchestrated by God.

Originally, our Father desired to be the one who brought us to our mates. In the garden, if mankind remained pure, men and women would still meet and fall in love according to God’s Spirit. To this day, if we submit to God, our attractions are meant to be Spirit led. What happens, in  stories such as The Notebook, is we catch a glimpse of how things are supposed to be.  We feel the “rightness” of true love (even at the expense of established marriages).  Our hearts naturally yearn for that type of raw passion in our lives. We all agree that Noah and Allie were “meant to be,” cheering and weeping at their final triumph at the conclusion of The Notebook.

That which is in part, shall be done away

As we come back into alignment with the will of our Father, we begin to take on His image and likeness. We regain our innocence and the light of God’s eternal truth floods our being. I have often wondered why Divine Divorce is a central feature of the spiritual restoration of Tabernacles. I believe that the understanding of spiritual connections, as a result of Divine Love, is the reason.

Holy cows make the best hamburgers

We were made to unite as God intended.  However, most of us united as we desired and God had little or nothing to do with it. We marry according to our carnal wants. We do what seems right in our own eyes and consider it our personal decision to choose whom we marry. However, I believe that marrying according to what seems good to us is the exact opposite of what God wants.  God’s original plan is that we be united through His Spirit and led to marry whom He chooses. This is, in my estimation, the central reason why many marriages dissolve when people come back into pre-fallen sinless perfection through the Tabernacle experience.

For many, this is a hard saying. It touches upon one of the most sacred cows of Christianity. Christian marriage is supposed to be inviolate, that is why it is called “holy matrimony.”  Yet, for all our “vows” close to 50% percent of Christian marriages end in divorce.  Why is this so? Why, if God hath joined us together, do so many people choose to put their marriages asunder?  I believe that the divorce rate is a direct result of choosing mates after the flesh and not after the Spirit. Earthly marriages have the statistical chance of succeeding as a random coin toss has of turning up heads. Natural actions result in natural outcomes. If there was anything spiritual about that majority of marriages, that percentage of success would be vastly different.

When hearts ignite

Sometimes, people meet what may be described as their “soul mate” before or after they tie the knot. This is what the film, The Notebook, portrays. Marriages that seemed to be a good idea before, suddenly become impediments to true happiness. This is what precipitates many divorces.  Most of the time this is just people who chose unwisely doing so again, but in some instances, these passionate affairs are actually God setting things right.

When we begin to live by revelation once again, everything that is not of God must either align with Him or go. As we start to walk in the Spirit we realign our lives to the path God laid out for us from the foundation of this world. Our relationships start to be Spirit led instead of flesh led. We connect, as God intended, to the people He chooses. If we are married to someone God did not intend, often times, those relationships dissolve. When we return to a life of revelation we marry according to His Spirit.

This, to me, is the spiritual lesson of “The Note Book.” True love, the kind that God originally intended for us to share, conquers all. When God connects us we cannot deny the reality of His Divine Love. In order to be truly in His will, we cannot help but yield to His original design.

Everything will be shaken

In the near future, those who come into the Tabernacle experience, will, as a group, rearrange everything in their lives to line up with the will of YHWH. Everything that can be shaken will be shaken and only those things which are pleasing to God will remain.

Moses, son of Pharaoh, could not lead God’s people out of Egypt until he became Moses, the shepherd of Midian. Likewise, we cannot become the manifested sons of God until we align ourselves with His divine will once again. This is not God’s fault, we are the ones who chose to stray from His will. To set things right, a lot has to change.

Finally, here is a truth,

“Don’t blame yourself for not seeing this. No one saw this coming and it only gets stranger from here.”