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With God, the odds are in your favor

We are all running a race in life. Sometimes we feel that the odds are stacked against us, that our chances are slim that anything will turn out right. However, if you are running the race with God, odds are that you will win and win big.

The truth is, none of what God calls us to do is possible. Our Father routinely asks us to do what is clearly beyond our ability, because He is going to make up the difference. Samson, in natural reality, could not defeat a thousand Philistines, but with the old, dry, jawbone of an ass – and God – he did.

When Moses stood at the edge of the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s army at his back, threatening everyone, with a staff – and God – the waters parted.

When Jesus died on the cross, giving up his very life so that some might be saved, the power of God is what resurrected him.

God is going to do everything with you – and you are not alone.

Trust God’s voice

Some people think that everything needs to be figured out and make sense before they follow the Holy Spirit. If what they are offered is not clearly better than what they have, their feet just won’t move. Thus, they remain in difficult circumstances when God wants to give them something much, much better. What stands between them and amazing deliverance is trust – or the lack thereof.

Once, through obeying His Spirit, God gave me a quarter of a million dollars. One month I was broke, then the next month I had all that money. Then, at the same time, He asked me to do the opposite of what any natural minded person would do. I did it, not perfectly, but I tried my best to listen to His Holy Spirit.

I lost every penny of it and more. People around me wagged their heads and said, “Of course, we saw that coming.” For seven years I was in the wilderness and things went from bad…to much, much worse. My life at that point totally validated everything negative that everyone had ever thought about me. Yet, in the midst of that, God said that He would do a miracle.

Then things got bad

Then I got rear-ended by a Mack dump truck and was rushed to the hospital. I lost everything. Even what little I had, I sold, until I was like Job.

Even the attorney I hired called me from a bar and told me I had no case.


Then God spoke to me and said, “Get another lawyer.” I must admit, at that time I was hardly able to think straight, after being told how I had no case at all. It was difficult to follow God’s advice amidst all my doubt. However, I did listen and I did do what He suggested.

Three years later, after a settlement, I had every penny repaid to me that I had lost obeying God.

That whole episode in my life was very, very difficult. I am not sure whether it was the loss of everything I owned, the shame of having people look at me like a loser, or the injuries I sustained from the accident that hurt the most.

However, what I do know is that nothing I did in and of myself, other than obeying His voice, did anything to change my circumstances. It was all God and it will be all God with you, too.

One step at a time…

The funny thing is, that God never shared the end from the beginning with me. He never told me, other than He was going to do a miracle, how I would ever get out of the situation I was in. All He did was, at each step of the way, tell me the simple thing I needed to do then. Only after I obeyed, did the next step present itself.

This is true of all men and women of faith. We never know how God is going to do what He speaks, just that He will do it. We don’t see how things will work out to our advantage, but we trust our Father will take care of us. We run a race, which looks impossible, simply believing we can.

Today, don’t be discouraged. Know that if God has spoken to you and you obey His voice, odds are you will win and win big. Our Father will make heaven and earth align with His will if you will just do what He says one step at a time.


One Small Step Two At A Time