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An old Lincoln car once taught me about faith and agape love.  To this day, I remember Glade and what He did for me. It all began…

old lincoln

I met Glade in a bar and he was sleeping in the back of his old Lincoln. I had an extra bedroom in a rental trailer, so I invited him to stay whenever he needed someplace to crash. Being Mormon, he was probably impressed with me always saying grace before a meal.  Though I was a boozing, drug-taking, long-haired, guitar-picking electrician, I still honored God.

In one of the most striking examples of God’s agape love I’ve ever experienced, Glade helped me out in a very unexpected way.  When I needed to leave town with my girlfriend (now my wife), Glade loaned me his old Lincoln.  I was stunned, because that car was the only transportation he had at the time.  My friend just said, “go on up to Flagstaff and I’ll come get it when I need it.”

In God’s timing

A few months later, in God’s perfect timing, Glade called and said he was coming to pick up his old Lincoln. Amazingly, I finished fixing another car and had transportation for myself, that exact same day!

I only knew Glade about 6-8 weeks before he loaned me his car.  People just don’t do that kinda thing in bad neighborhoods in cities like Las Vegas (at least they didn’t when I was in my twenties! circa 1998). When I had no family ties in Nevada whatsoever to rely on, God’s love came through to me from Glade in the most unexpected way.

I will never forget Glade or that old Lincoln

I don’t know where Glade is now, or if he is even still with us, but I will never forget him for that act of kindness and trust that he showed me that day.  May God bless him.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me with little girl and her father