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All Mighty Trees Start From Small Seeds

Great events in our lives often start with seemingly insignificant happenings. Today, I spoke with a friend in Semey, Kazakhstan and we remarked how both of us seemed destined to meet.

For me, perhaps 10 or more years ago, I had a map of Kazakhstan pinned to my wall. Every day, I looked at it and everytime I felt drawn to a small city named Semıpalatinsk. I knew nothing about the region or the city, but always my heart would rest upon that particular part of the map. Today,
Semıpalatinsk has been renamed Semey

Listening to God’s still small voice in Oglii

Likewise, for years my friend Samal felt that she wanted to find a native speak of English in the USA to help her practice her english. Now today, many years later for both, I am helping her practice English and she is Helping me practice Russian and understand her culture. She lives in Semey, Kazakhstan.

In the same manner, the Holy Spirit is leading me to come to Olgii Mongolia.  He spoke this to me when I was on the shores of Lake Victoria in East Africa about 20 years ago.  I desire to make contact with a man or a woman who is Christian, or wishes to know about Christ.  If you speak a bit of English and would like to help me navigate your culture please contact me.

God bless,

Michael King

Walk in Love by Brady Toops