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one clear voice


God reveals His truth to me and I find those truths have been right there before me all the time.  It is almost like God’s Spirit allows us to see the pattern of His creation as He sees them.  Many people, saved and unsaved, are speaking the things of God every day, but because we lack perspective we just don’t recognize the truth.

Divine Connections, hearing God’s voice, Holy Intimacy, are are all recurring themes in the entertainment industry.  However, we think that “love at first sight”, as depicted in the hit movie “The Notebook“, is random chance when.  However, love at first sight is the divine touch of God meant to join Divine Mates together.  Similarly, many are sure that the best sex is sinful, when in fact, sex with your God-given Divine Mate outclasses anything the world has to offer.

One clear voice

Great successes either stem from an eternal truth in God or from a Satanic lie.  People support these artists because, whether they know it or not, they identify with their message spiritually.  Peter Cetera’s “One Clear Voice” speaks beautifully about hearing God’s voice.  We all long for that and wish we could know Him personally.  Therefore we identify with what Peter sings about.  Brethren, allow the Holy Spirit to give you eyes to see and ears to ear what He’s saying to you.  When you do, much that did not make sense before, will suddenly come into sharp focus.

One Clear Voice by Peter Cetera