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Are You Willing To Become One Of God’s Originals?

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Through the agency of Seraphim, YHWH laid the foundations of this earth, created seas and dry land, formed the heavens, and made man.

God created man male and female. Together, as God led, they became one flesh. This was the “original” plan of God. God determined to bring forth after His kind through their physical/spiritual union with Him.

God wants to make us into one of His originals

Therefore, the originals are people who allow God to remake them into His image and likeness. Therefore, recreated into a representation of their Creator, originals are the express image and likeness of His person.

God intended mankind to live by revelation. Every moment of every day, His children simply moved and had their being in His Spirit. We decided nothing that was without His anointing and leading. Therefore, as He is perfect we were perfect, as we walked in heavenly places with Him.

An Original is someone who is one with God

There is a great realignment coming and for those who hear God’s voice it heralds true freedom and happiness. The tsunami of love that is about to hit believers worldwide, is nothing less than oneness with God. The Bride of Christ becomes the manifestation of God that He always intended. In fact, the perfection of the saints is what draws Christ to come back.

Christ was God manifest in the flesh to a world that had drifted into savagery. The Body of Christ is God manifest in the flesh to a world that has drifted into Strong Delusion and depravity. God’s Spirit moves us by His Spirit to present a clear choice to a dying world. As originals, we are the union of God and man, becoming what our Creator originally designed. Amen.

Chris Tomlin – Noel (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle