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god drive

Here is a profound truth:

Our Sex Drive is, in Fact, Our God Drive

Many, who live after the knowledge of good and evil, have a tendency to mislabel things. That is, they call a fact or a relationship something else than what it really is. For instance, what we call “war,” especially border wars, are just manifestations of prince spirits, or high level demons, fighting over territory. While natural minded people point to all manner of natural causes for such conflicts, the truth is, people are killing each other over meaningless pieces of ground. That is demonic, yet if you are not connected to God’s Spirit, you will never see it for what it really is.

We have a deep need to connect with God

Likewise, what we call a “sex drive,” or our biological imperative, is in fact, a God drive. Our drive to mate with each other is really a drive to mate with our Creator. It is just that, in the darkness of our natural-minded reasoning, we can’t understand this central truth anymore. To most, making love is a purely physical activity. However, the revelation is, that lovemaking is where a male and female unite together with God. The act of making love, as God intended, is mostly spiritual.

Satan hates our God drive

Satan hates our God Drive. She hates it when we touch God during intimacy. She loathes the thought of us bringing forth, through the union of God and man, after His kind. This is why she and her demons work overtime to pervert and degrade the sexual act. When you stand back and consider the time and attention she spends to make sex awful it’s just ridiculous. This means there must be a very good reason to expend the time and resources necessary to destroy it.

A man consists of a male and a female together

In the beginning, God made “man” male and female, so that He could express his nature in this creation. It was the union of a male and female that fully represented who He is. Furthermore, it is the act of becoming one with each other through sexual union that illustrates His purpose most correctly. Our ability to bring forth after our kind is, in fact, God’s way of bringing forth after His kind.

This God Drive is fully expressed through the conception and birth of Jesus Christ. The purpose for Christ being born of a virgin demonstrates the perfect union of God and man. Jesus was the perfect amalgamation of both Mary and Himself, which is the Logos. Being both fully God and fully man, Jesus was the express image and likeness of our unseen Lord on earth. Jesus was Emmanuel, God with us.

Our sex drive is a God placed drive to know Him

Therefore, and in like manner, our desire to unite sexually with one another is a manifestation of our drive to become one with God. It is just that very few realize that bringing forth children is our God drive and not just a physical need or act. When we mate, if we do so with a man or woman of His choice, we mate with our Lord at the same time. This is how YHWH has children.

To be sure, these things are spiritually discerned, for the natural man cannot understand them. However, for those who are born of the Spirit, what I have just said makes perfect sense. Furthermore, knowing what God intends for us helps us to understand why the devil attacks our sexuality so often. Our God drive is what the devil hates most.

Let God Himself lead you into His truth

In conclusion, let this revelation sink in little by little. Know that your desire for sex is primarily a desire to be close to God through a Divine Mate. Your longing to be held and loved by another, in it’s purest form, is a desire to be held and loved by your Creator. Amen.

Come Close by Melissa Helser