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LOVEI hesitate to speak about some of the truths God has revealed to me because I am concerned some may trod underfoot what they do not yet understand or cannot receive.  The power of these fundamental truths to radically change lives is so profound that, if not handled correctly, they can wreak havoc upon those whose heart’s are not right before God.

The question becomes: shall I speak the whole of the matter so that those who are able to receive and benefit from these precepts may do so… or do I only show you the hinder parts of these revelations so that no one may use them unwisely?  I have no firm word from the Lord about this so I have decided that I am going to trust that, if God has spoken these truths to me, it is time to also speak them to you.  Therefore, let God lead and guide each one of us as He wishes.


Divine Love



Divine love is simply divine.  It is complete, pure, and so satisfying that if you ever have the good fortune to experience it you will never, ever forget it. 

Divine love is, by its very nature, not from this Earth.  It originates from God and comes out of heaven.  It is also, by virtue of its author, prefect.  Mankind was created to exist in this type  of spiritual love and without it the human race does not function well. It might well be that the fruit of the forbidden tree was no what eventually killed Adam and Eve but lack of access to God’s perfect love. 


Divine love is a real experience


Divine love is not just an idea but rather a very real and profound spiritual experience.  People experience this type of love when fully yielded to the Holy Spirit or from someone who is totally given over to the Holy Spirit of our Father. 

Divine love feels somewhat like falling in love.  It is comparable, in a small way, to the type of super charged love that men and woman experience during the initial stages of romance.  In truth romantic love is just a dim reflection of Divine love. The fundamental difference between spiritual love and earthly limerence is that it does not seek its own but rather gives itself  wholly for the object of its affection. It will not hurt or compromise another for selfish gain. It literally causes a person to believe all things, bear all things, and is the fulfillment of 1 Corinthians chapter 13.
Spiritual love can be between a man or woman, mate or acquaintance, young or old, and does not recognize race or even religion for as the scriptures states God so loved the whole world.

God with us

Spiritual love is Emanuel (God with us) and is one of the chief characteristics of the coming move of Tabernacles.  Here is a truth,

“Just like speaking in other tongues is the sign of receiving the Holy Spirit spiritual love will be the “sign” of  receiving Tabernacles and becoming one with God.  Just like tongues let us know that a person is filled with the Holy Ghost spiritual love will testify that a person is becoming one with God.  After all, is not the very nature of God love?”

I remember when I first experienced Tabernacles love and it is by far the most powerful and lasting spiritual experience I have ever had.  I finally felt at peace with myself and everyone around me.  It was like I had become whole and I found that I could forgive anyone for I loved everyone.  I would spontaneously hug people I had never met because the joy I felt inside had to express itself.  I thought to myself, “The devil has nothing to compare to this.”

The fact of the matter is that when you experience spiritual love your mind and body react pretty much like they do when you experience romantic love.  For instance, if you are spiritually united with a person of the opposite sex you love that person completely and unconditionally.  Furthermore, you have automatic trust between both of you and long for them when you are not around them.  Your spirit, body, and soul connect with God in them and their spirit, body, and soul connects with God in you.  It is a perfect union which has its origin in heaven. It varies in intensity from a sense of unity to an almost unbearable desire to never be apart.  The oneness that you experience with God creates a oneness with each other.  It is literally a foretaste of heaven.  This is the love that made having all things in common in the first church not only possible but inevitable.

Greet each other with a holy kiss

It is not uncommon to kiss each one other when you are experiencing spiritual love.  This is the origin of the apostle Paul’s admonition to greet one another with a holy kiss. Spiritual love removes barriers between people until they are completely at ease and comfortable with one another spiritually, emotionally, and physically even to the point of varying degrees of intimacy.  The difference between a holy kiss and the same expression in the natural realm is that divine love is not selfish or jealous.  A holy kiss flows out of a deep and abiding love that is so pure it is literally an expression of  God Himself.

It is in the motivation that the difference between heavenly and earthly love lies.  Unfortunately, such love cannot be judged outwardly because we cannot not know the inner workings of another man or woman’s heart.  It comes down to your individual walk with God and how much integrity you have before Him.  If you are submitted to the Holy Spirit you will not cross the line that He sets for you in any given situation but if you wish for an occasion for the flesh there is plenty of room for you to sin if you want to do so.  It is like coming of legal age as a young man or woman who now has the ability to make choices of right and wrong for themselves. With this freedom comes great responsibility.

Doing things in the Spirit

There is a lot of healing that needs to take place in the body of Christ.  Many people, both men and women, have been emotionally scarred by different experiences throughout their lifetimes.  These emotional scars hinder them from receiving the love of God and the love of others and needs to be dealt with. Spiritual love automatically creates an unconditional love and trust between people that allows these areas to be addressed. 

Here are a few examples. One time I felt, if you can receive it, to compliment a certain woman on her small breasts. Normally that might get you slapped for being inappropriate. However, due to the spiritual love between us and the absolute trust we shared she received the compliment.  She broke down in tears because she had always felt that her breasts were undesirable and she said that this negative self image had actually hindered her from receiving Gods love.  By yielding to the Holy Spirit in this strange way God was able heal her in that area. 

I know of a older lady that I experienced this love with who confessed every intimate experience she had ever had (which she felt had been inappropriate) in her entire lifetime.  In total acceptance of her I sat and listened while she unburdened herself and watched as God did a miracle in her life.  Experiences and areas she had been troubled with for many years suddenly were cleansed and healed before my eyes.  Many might say that a married woman speaking such things to a young bible college student was inappropriate but the fact is that this is how God choose to heal her and so who are we to judge His methods?


When someone needs a hug


Another time I saw a brother standing by the wall and went to him and held him for some minutes.  I could sense that He did not believe God loved Him and was under a severe attack of the enemy.  It was God in me that held that man so that he could physically feel the love of His father.  It was wonderful to feel the unconditional love God felt for him and I know that it was just what He needed at that time. Neither of us said a word but I could feel him start to relax and receive the love of His Father.

Honestly, there are places that we dare not go because they are too painful for us to face alone.  Moreover, even if we did share our pain with others we are sure that even our best friend would not understand us and perhaps judge us harshly.  We carry secret wounds that no one ever sees because we cannot bear to expose them to anyone.  Thus we shoulder them year after year and sometimes these burdens become too much and we despair of ever being healed and made whole.  If this is the case in your life what I am telling you is that God has something truly wonderful in store for you in the coming move of Tabernacles. When our Father begins to reveal Himself through His saints you can be made whole. 


The only love is from above


As I have said spiritual love is not of this Earth.  Or perhaps I should say it is not of this earth any longer.  The type of spiritual love I speak about actually did exist for a time in the Garden of Eden but was broken and perverted once sin came into the world. What passes for love now days is hardly even a shadow of what the first love originally was.  It is this first love that God will to restore to His people in the New Heavens and New Earth.  Thankfully, through the Holy Spirit we can have a foretaste of this heavenly love while still in this present creation.  

In conclusion, heavenly love is an actual experienc much like salvation or Holy Spirit baptism is. It is not just an idea but something that will profoundly affection your body, soul, and Spirit.  You will know when it comes because it will completely engulf your entire being, energize your soul, and give your spirit a sense of fulfillment and oneness with God that you never thought possible.  Your spirit will finally feel completely alive and at completely at peace once gain.  I encourage you to seek this love and to allow His perfect love to cast out all fear.  At first your natural mind may naot understanding it, but everything else within you will desire and accept it.  It is coming and in that day people will surely know that we are Christian by our Divine Love one for another.