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personal jesus


Like it or not, shame is at the core of many of our lives.  A deep-seated feeling of being unworthy makes many of us hide behind facades.  We become mere caricatures of who we think is acceptable instead of who we really are.  However, the walls we erect as protection often become self-imposed prisons for our hearts and minds.

Here is a truth,

“You need your own personal Jesus”

Only in an atmosphere of complete acceptance, where we know we will be loved even if we bear our shattered souls, do we relax.  There must be profound trust in order to be ourselves.  We know, often from very painful experiences, that earthly love can fail us, so we are hesitant to truly open our hearts to anyone.

God’s love never fails

This is why God’s love, flowing through another, is so powerful.  Here is someone we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch manifesting the love of God in their flesh towards us.  A spiritual connection, filled with the Spirit, is literally our own personal Jesus.

For many, having direct access to God through another human being is precisely what they need.  Our wounds, from a lifetime of experience, often run deep.  Many have done things or things have been done to us that make us feel unworthy of love.

Our personal Jesus sees our beauty

However, in the presence of God manifest in another’s flesh, we sense total acceptance.  Knowing they look at us, seeing only beauty and worth, we instinctively open up.  Feeling God’s love, we dare to let go of our fig leaves one by one.  Each time we do, to our amazement, we find only love and acceptance.

Likewise, the person whom God flows through feels the love of God too.  It is impossible to see their spiritual connection as anything but loveable.  The patience and compassion of God floods your heart, therefore caring for another is effortless.  We see our love as someone who is valuable and all that matters to us is that they be cherished and comforted.  We become unconditional love.

The Holy Spirit is the best chaperone

What most people have a difficult time understanding is that Divine Love is basically incapable of doing anything that will harm another person.  While natural-minded people may yield to carnal desires in a moment of weakness, a spiritual connection finds doing anything that would compromise their connection absolutely abhorrent.  The Holy Spirit is basically the best chaperone in the universe.

Someone manifesting God to another could never even imagine kissing their connection unless that is what God wanted to do.  The love of the Spirit is such a strong barrier against sin, it’s almost unfathomable to those who have not experienced it.  However, when the love that kept Jesus on the cross dwells in you, it is stronger than any earthly law could ever be.

Divine love is a new way of looking at things.

The truth is that many people are in pretty bad shape and it is going to take a lot of personal attention to really make a difference to them.  No pastor or priest can take the kind of time or do what is really necessary to heal the broken-hearted.  However, through individuals paired with other individuals in the Body of Christ, God devotes all the time and attention necessary to do miracles.

Sometimes people need to be held by God and simply cry, letting out years of emotional pain and suffering.  Others need to talk about the deep things that scare them in an atmosphere of complete security.  Others must be told how worthwhile they are by someone they absolutely trust.  In essence, they need their own personal Jesus with them in a tangible form, over time, to restore all the years that the devil has stolen.

It’s not too good to be true

Perhaps to some, what I say seems too good to be true.  However, nothing I have said is an exaggeration or a fiction.  I have experienced everything I write about and really have not even told you the half of it.  God’s Divine love is real and is the antidote for shame in our lives.  I have both experienced God’s healing balm through others and felt Him flow through me to them.

In conclusion, there is hope for even the most difficult situations.  No matter what problem you have, God’s Divine love, shown through your own personal Jesus, is the answer.  We just know that we can both receive and give this type of heavenly experience. Believe me when I say that the Tabernacle Experience, which is Divine Love shown to us through another,  is a free gift that God wants to give everyone who asks.

God bless,


This describes connection love

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