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Copy of Pharaoh

Like a watchman on a wall, I feel the burden of the word of the Lord upon me to deliver a message to the leadership of His church. The trumpet that I sound is both a warning and an admonition given by the grace of God, to those who have ears to hear what His Spirit is saying to this generation.

A new Pharoah arises

Originally, through Joseph, God gave the children of Israel, favor with Pharaoh. YAHWEH prepared a place for His people to grow into a great nation and gave them Pharaoh as a provider and a protector. This however, as prophesied, was only for a time and season. As the years passed, there arose a new King over Egypt which knew not Joseph, which did not give heed to the great mercy that God had shown his nation.

That Pharaoh began to oppress the people of God. In fact, he began to make the children of Israel serve as slaves in the slime pits of Egypt. Through fear, he even caused their male children to be put to death so that they would not grow to manhood and rebel against him. Pharaoh forced God’s people to make the bricks that built his treasure cities, monuments, fame, wealth and power. The people of God cried out by reason of their harsh bondage and God heard their cries. He sent Moses and his brother Aaron to Egypt to speak a simple message to Pharaoh

God lays waste to Egypt

Unfortunately, Pharaoh did not listen to the Word of God, but resisted His will. You see, the people of God became a source of wealth and power to him. He did not want to let them go, for he would suffer loss to his kingdom. Because the Pharaoh of Egypt did not listen to the Word of God as spoken through Aaron by Moses, God laid waste in successive judgments to the kingdom of Egypt. What was once  a rich and powerful nation was destroyed and never again rose to greatness. Let those who count themselves wise among you note this fact: God brought His people out anyway.

There have arisen Pharaohs in this generation, which do not know Joseph. These “Pharaohs” are the leadership of today’s Christian Church. They have strayed from the knowledge of how Jesus (who is typified by Joseph) gave them their power, position, wealth and prestige. They have built their ministries, their kingdoms, upon the backs of the Children of God who have been made to serve in bitter bondage. But I say to you this day by the Word of the Lord, He has heard their cries, and He is about to send deliverance to them.

The Message

The message that God has given me for the leadership of the Church is this,

“Let my people go that they may serve me”

This is a spiritual work brought on by God’s compassion for His people. There is a cry arising from among His children for deliverance. The pastors, teachers, prophets and apostles of this generation have put the people of God under harsh bondage, making them to serve with rigor through a spirit of legalism and a spirit of fear. By usurping God’s authority, they cause His children to fear and distrust the voice of their Father. God’s children are prisoners of the doctrines and traditions they have been taught. They live by man’s limited understanding, rather than by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

Pharoah, let my people go

God is saying to all those who lead His church, let my people go….And the warning is this:

“To the extent that you resist the moving of the Spirit of God, God will lay waste to your ministry, and if you will not let His people go, God will destroy it and bring His people out, anyway.”

The leadership of God’s church has become haughty, and like little pharaohs, resist the Spirit of God. Ministers look not upon the Spirit of God as someone they must obey, but as something they must control. It is foolishness for those who lead God’s church to gainsay or resist His Spirit. He is sovereign, He is all-powerful, He is all-knowing and none shall stay His hand.

The error of your ways

The people of God have been taught by you, not to trust His voice, but to trust yours instead. As a result of your teaching, God’s sheep put their faith and trust in you instead of the leading of His Holy Spirit. You usurp God’s position by substituting yourself as the source of the knowledge of good and evil for His people. You say you teach only the Word of God, but instead, you teach your particular theology and elevate it to the status of scripture.

Instead of directing them back to the Tree of Life, which is direct communion with God, you force feed them from the forbidden fruit, causing spiritual death to come upon many. Out of fear of personal loss, you seek to quench the Spirit and endeavor to keep God’s people weak. While God wants to give them the bread of life from heaven in abundance, you give them mere morsels as you see fit. If the Holy Spirit leads them contrary to your understanding, you counsel them to deny God’s Spirit and follow you. Thus, your teachings and views come between them and God as an idol and an object of false worship.

The the Spirit of His mouth

There is coming a move of God upon this world that will sweep man’s theology away, and cause every vestige of legalism to crumble. It will destroy the fear that you have instilled in God’s children. It is a time of change, and those who resist this change will find themselves carried away by it. Furthermore, those who reject this change persecute it, just as the Pharisees persecuted Jesus. Reject the pride that infuses you through trusting in the teachings and traditions of man. Humble yourselves now and open your hearts and minds to the Spirit of God.

This move of God’s Spirit cannot be put in an old wineskin, or it will burst. It must be put in a new, supple and elastic wineskin, so when it expands, the new wine is not lost. The old theology you have taught your people, and the old understanding you have given them is not enough. They must learn to hear and obey the Spirit of the Living God. It is only then that the Holy Spirit is able to lead and guide His church into the understanding which enables them to contain the new wine of this visitation.

Judgement and mercy

We are living on the threshold of both judgment and mercy. God has shown through His prophets that He is about to judge America. He has shown them there will be much pain and suffering for both believers and non-believers alike.  Many in that day question God saying,

“God, how could you permit this to come upon your people?  He will say to them, “you have not listened to My Holy Spirit, but gone your own way according to what seemed right to you. You disobeyed My heart and will by rejecting My leading. Therefore, I have brought forth this judgment upon you.”

In this judgment, God’s people obtain mercy, because they are brought to a place of humility before Him. In their pain and suffering, believers seek His face early. God then hears from heaven and brings restoration to His chosen.

A great persecution

There will arise a great persecution against those who choose to follow God’s Spirit. This persecution does not come from the world, but rather from the church. Most of the leadership of the church, like the Pharisees, turn against and seek to rend those who follow Jesus. However, God sends swift destruction to all those of His church who oppose the moving of His Spirit. This destruction is not a physical destruction, but will be a spiritual darkening of their understanding. It is an apostasy from the things they know to be true. For as they yield to the demonic realm and resist the moving of God’s Spirit, they persecute the very God they profess to believe in. They reject the light of the Holy Spirit and as they slip further and further away from Him into outer darkness. This is the great falling away.

Through much tribulation

Through much tribulation, a people are born who stand up as a great army of God. They move as one, but there is no leader among them but the Holy Spirit. These people do not have the “form” of religion, but exhibit the substance thereof which is Jesus.  They stand before, and are accountable to no man but God. After this company of people is born, the dragon, which is Satan, stands up to resist and persecute them. He has it in his mind to devour that which God brings forth. However, like David, God’s Spirit comes upon His Man-child and they rend the beast. Like Samson, they carry away the very gates of the enemy, setting them on a hill to make a show of them openly for the entire world to see.

In II Chronicles God Promises:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

II Chronicles 7:14

The time is now. We must humble ourselves and start to hear the voice of God. If we do not, we will be swept away by the events that are to come. God is saying, “Let my people go!” It is up to you as the leadership of His Church to let them.

Go Down Moses by Louis Amstrong