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The pocket knife

I remember the week after I gave my heart to Jesus,  I walked in the clouds.  The presence of God was so real I felt Him with me everywhere I went.  It was summer and I was making hay with my father in a large field.  The day before my Father told my friend and me that he had lost his favorite pocket knife.

Ask God to find your father’s pocket knife

The other young man I worked with did not know God.  I tried to tell him about my experience with Jesus and He said that He did not believe.  Full of new faith, I said, “God can do anything.”  Devon (the young man) said, “Ok, pray and ask God to find your father’s pocket knife”!   People called that field “the 30 acres” because it was approximately that big. Without hesitating, I prayed, “Father, show Devon you are real and please find my Father’s pocket knife”.  I tell you the truth, not ten steps further I looked down on the ground and, sure enough, there was my father’s pocket knife!  I picked it up and showed it to Devon.  He just stared, mouth open,  and said nothing the rest of the day.

Jesus can do anything

I always look back on that lesson in faith.  As a ‘new born” in the Lord, my Jesus could do anything.  Taking Him exactly at His word and believing that, with God,  nothing was impossible: I only had to ask.  It pleased my new heavenly Father to find my dad’s pocket knife that day because His new son believed that He could.  I pray that I and others might rest in such simple faith always.