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God has made pure

God says,

The voice spoke a second time, “Never consider unclean what God has made pure.”

Acts 10:15 (Common English Bible)

When you consider polygamy, why do people persecute a form of marriage practiced among the most revered Patriarchs of old.  Such spiritual bigotry really makes no sense.  There are certain denominations that practice “foot washing” with far less biblical support than polygamy.

Here is a truth,

“The reason why Lucifer rebelled against God in Heaven is because He was about to take another wife.”

Lucifer was on board with God’s plan up until He created Eve.  Until then Lucifer felt secure in her position and felt that Adam was no threat. In fact man was created lower than the angels.  However, when God formed Eve Lucifer saw someone even more beautiful than himself and totally lost control. 

Eve, you see, could do something Lucifer could never hope to do, bring forth children for God.  Instead of rejoicing in God’s new creation Lucifer, out of jealousy, determined to destroy all of mankind through Eve. Lucifer changed from being full of wisdom to being full of hatred and became a murderer.  Tempting Eve in the Garden was Lucifer’s attempt to force God to kill her because of sin.

YHWH makes a way

God is wiser and more merciful that Lucifer counted on. YHWH, unexpectedly made a way of salvation through the Lamb, Jesus Christ. Like Haman’s gallows, they very trap Lucifier laid for mankind will ultimately be her undoing. .

Like all marriages in a fallen world they are only as good as the people that make them up.  Neither is inherently bad or good.  The fury many have against polygamy comes not from reason or scripture, but from a fallen Seraph and her demons.

Do not dispise that which God has made pure

In conclusion we, of all people, should not despise that which God has made clean. Of all people, we should have mercy and compassion upon others. Don’t despise a form of marriage which God has sanctioned and blessed on many occasions throughout history.