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pop up love feasts

Quick, Easy, and Spiritually Delicious!

How does a pop up love feast work? What does it look like? How do we share God’s Divine Love with those who are in need? This is the question that I would like to talk about in this essay.

Many times evangelists concentrate on sharing the message of salvation. While this is the “Great Commission” and very needed, many people are doing this. Perhaps our niche may be to share our somewhat unique message of Divine Love.

Salvation, Pentecost and Tabernacles

Our message is ultimately the message of salvation, but we speak it from a full Tabernacles perspective. The full gospel for us completes the Journey back to the Garden. Therefore, though Jesus Christ is always front and center, we want to give the fullness of this gospel to others.

Moreover, I believe that the majority of those God wants to reach are outside the religious system. In fact, those who are already attending normative churches may find our message too challenging. While some may feel to work in this setting, by and large, I don’t think the fruit we seek will come from that vineyard.

Our main focus is the unchurched.

Pop up love feasts are informal revivals set up wherever and whenever the Spirit leads. These are spur of the moment Love Feasts where we speak the revelation of God’s Divine love. While major meetings take weeks and months to plan, these mini revivals are spontaneous events that just “Pop Up”.

As such, these pop ups need to be something we can set up and tear down in a few minutes. Using the minimum equipment possible, we share the revelation that God gives us with whomever is around. While traditional street evangelism focuses on the 4 spiritual laws, our “preaching” is the message of back to the garden.

Speaking Spirit to spirit

At some point, if a person does not know Jesus, we need to explain the gospel to them. However, we believe in allowing the Holy Spirit to activate their spirits as we speak. While many wish to explain things from a Biblical perspective, I don’t think this is necessary, The important thing is to reveal to others what God has given to us, trusting the Holy Spirit to activate their understanding.

This truth took me a long time to learn, because I come from a Bible College background. I was taught that everything must be supported by scriptures. After hearing God’s voice, I have changed my mind on this. Now I believe we simply need to share the revelation our Father gives and trust Him to bear witness to it.

Painting with broad strokes

In conclusion, small, spontaneous, spirit led meetings are pop up love feasts. This is something we can do one day a week or on a weekend. Any place where you can legally set up and speak is a possible venue for this type of evangelism.

I like the video down below because it demonstrates how you can do a lot with very little using what is on hand. I think that this is the essence of a pop up love feast.

Special Note: as with everything on this website, what I share with you is intended to be someplace to start, not a final destination. We really don’t know how things will end up and we don’t want to pre-program ourselves. Therefore, use this to start and let God lead and guide you personally to your final destination in Him.