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pure Intimacy

The Spirit Of Our Love

God is all about pure intimacy, all forms of it.  When you truly unite with God and each other, you find that God is a sensuous experience.  This comes as a shock to many because they have been taught that God is prim and proper. For instance, most imagine the temple of God in heaven as white and antiseptic. However, the reality is that the temple of God is filled with green plants everywhere. Even the walls are warm and vibrate with life. In fact, literally everything is alive in Him.

Likewise, the Garden of Eden was a paradise of sensual delights because it represented the very nature of God. God is love and part of the manifestation of that love is pure intimacy.  As I thought about that, it dawned on me that the point of creation is not the marriage supper of the lamb, but what comes afterwards.  The church is likened to a bride because God intends to make love to us.  The act of intimacy on earth points to the fulfillment of that picture in pure intimacy between God and His wife.

That we may know Him in pure intimacy

Why is this important?  It is important because every woman expects to know her man intimately on their wedding night.  However chaste she may be before the wedding she still expects to be chaste no longer after her wedding.  In fact, most people who are in love kiss and caress more as their love grows. For many, waiting from their wedding night is almost unbearable. Likewise, if we are to be the bride of Christ we should expect that our love will express itself in pure intimacy with Jesus too.

The act of marriage, the way of a man with a maid, is the single greatest picture of what God desires to be to us. God designed everything to do with intimacy to demonstrate to humanity how much He wants to be one with us. Every movement, sound, and expression of love demonstrates the union God desires with man.  Even Jesus being born of a virgin demonstrated, in the most intimate way possible, the degree of oneness God envisions with each one of us.

Love one another

So far so good.  However, what I am about to share next is the crux of what The Holy Spirit is about to do. The way in which God loves the body of Christ with pure intimacy is through the Body of Christ. That is to say, the pure intimacy our bridegroom desires to have with us, is shown through Spiritual Connections among members of the church.  This is precisely why Paul says to greet one another with a holy kiss. It is why there is unity of the Spirit that proceeds the unity of the faith.  This is the origin of Love Feasts and the manifestation of 1 Corinthians chapter 13.

Satan brought about the Roman persecution of Christians in the first century because the church was beginning to enter into the Tabernacle Blessing.  Pure intimacy began to manifest in God’s people and they were about to become the embodiment of God’s love.  Fallen Lucifer could not let “oneness” happen and so she persecuted and killed believers, driving them underground into catacombs. However, even there we catch historical glimpses of the perfected church and pure intimacy.

Creation is an intimate act

The whole point of creation is Divine Union.  From the very beginning God said go forth be fruitful and multiply.  We were created naked and unashamed. God is the creator of that intimacy and since we are created in His image, were are pure intimacy.  You cannot even procreate without being intimate.

Satan fears a fully connected Body of Believers.  As long as we are separated in our hearts and minds we are easily controlled and weak. However, once we love one another as God loves us, the power of God reveals itself and we soar into the heavenlies.  This is what deals the death-wound to the beast and causes the church of Philadelphia to be caught up to God and to His throne.

But what does that mean?

People have little idea what this means because most have never experienced pure intimacy.  However, being as we all want to be the Bride of Christ, we should understand that our bridegroom wants to know us intimately.  God wants to express Himself to us – through each other.  Our creator wants to be free to love us in any way He desires.  As God inhabits His body of believers, He will manifest or “reveal himself” in pure intimacy.  This may be through holy kissing or through holding one another.  In some instances God will take intimacy all the way to marriage uniting us with one another physically. This is Divine Marriage.

To the pure all things are pure

The point of Spiritual Connections is God expressing His love for us through one another.  The manner of the outward manifestation of that inward love does not really matter.  As long as God is the author of our actions there can be no sin.  As Paul says, to the pure all things are pure.

Such a concept bothers natural minded people.  Many, out of insecurity, wish to control the Spirit for fear of what He may do.  Many preachers and teachers want to put boundaries around each and every christian so that they cannot possibly sin. However, no matter how many precepts they teach, if the heart is not pure, sin inevitably occurs. Instead, God wants to put His nature in us so that we do not want to sin in the first place. When our Father does that, our hearts become pure and we can love one another as God intended. In this state of innocence, we love selflessly. We find that rather than being restrictive, pure intimacy opens us up to serve others in ways we never thought possible.

A demonstration of pure intimacy: A holy kiss

On night, as I sat in church after a service, a sister in the Lord walked past me. Our eyes met and then she kissed me. It was not a peck on the cheek but a full on french kiss. The funny thing is that it did not startle me or make me feel uncomfortable. At the time it seemed totally appropriate and natural. It only happened once. I really never thought about her sexually then or afterwards either. I thought to myself, wow, “was that a holy kiss?”

That small demonstration of a holy kiss made me understand that, in the Spirit, you can do things physically that would be inappropriate in a natural context. That sister in the Lord allowed herself and God to say “I love you” in a very intimate, yet appropriate way. Though profound, there was nothing more to it than that.

Interesting too, that one kiss stands head and shoulders above most other kisses I have ever experienced. I don’t remember how it felt but I do remember how it made me feel: totally loved and accepted.

The truth is, when we try to control the Holy Spirit, we miss out on so much that God has for us. In these last days we need to allow our Father to love us so that we can stand strong together in His love. Spirit led pure intimacy will be key to our strength and unity.

The act of marriage

The act of marriage, The moment when a man and woman become truly one, pictures the perfect union that Christ wants with His church.  The marriage supper of the Lamb is but a prelude to an exquisite spiritual consummation with our God.  It is high time we stop letting fearful people keep us from laying hold of the destiny God plans for us.  Here is a truth,

“The great falling away, the apostasy, is primarily about people rejecting the sign of Tabernacles: pure intimacy.”

We have been set up by the Devil to think that pure intimacy within the Body of Christ is evil and that we must protect ourselves from it at all costs. Thus when Christ approaches us through one another in intimate ways we question His motives and actions.  However, without pure intimacy we cannot become the Bride of Christ, let alone His eternal wife.

In conclusion, it is time to embrace pure intimacy.  It is true that they shall know we are Christ’s disciples by our love one for another. However, this love has a profoundly intimate dimension that we cannot ignore.  Press in and learn about pure intimacy from the Holy Spirit.  Trust Him to lead and guide you into this truth. Allow God to love you through other as His Spirit leads.  Do not listen to those who refuse to love God as He desires. Become the Bride that Christ desires to unite with. Amen.

Spirit Of Our Love by Mahan Moin