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No one likes to be misunderstood

Recently, I have been speaking with my spiritual connection about whether or not we need to qualify what we say.  Often times, when we share something that is controversial there is a natural minded tendency to want to explain. The church constantly “Fact Checks” everything against scripture. We are the great qualifiers. Some people cannot receive anything from you unless they can find two or three scriptures to corroborate.

Let’s admit it, everything’s controversial these days

Hardly anything I write these days is mainstream.  In fact, in most circles, what I write is down right heretical. However, the revelation that God gives me is a Present Testament and inspired to the degree that I yield to His Spirit.  In reality, people who cannot see because of doctrinal blinders are often the ones mandating doctrines of demons.  God is one place, yet the religious establishment stubbornly refuses to change their position to be with Him.

Our God is limitless

There is so much more to God than the normative church allows their members to know and experience.  God is unimaginably vast and we are so limited.  What a time to be a Christian! It is like whole continents of pristine revelation await those with the courage to explore them!

God’s sheep hear His voice

The truth is, and this is the point I am going to make once and for all, that those who hear God’s voice will hear what I say.  Those who do not listen to the Holy Spirit will not hear me no matter how much I qualify what I write.  The Holy Spirit gives the understanding.  God’s light makes these revelations easily understood.  Yet, to those who cannot see because they will not see, nothing but a miracle will give them sight.

We do not need to qualify the Holy Spirit

Therefore, as much as I can, I will stop qualifying anything God says through me.  Either God will give you His wisdom to understand these truths by His Spirit or He will not. The authority of what I write doesn’t rest upon me, but it’s true Author and how closely I follow His voice.  I cannot add any weight to His own words nor explain beyond the illumination He grants the reader.

Speak as clearly as possible

My mission is to manifest what the Holy Spirit lays upon my heart and mind as clearly as possible. Whether or not people receive what I write is between them and their God.


Heaven Is Here by MC Yogi