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Disclaimer: I do not advocate doing this as a method to demonstrate faith!

Living dangerously

One day my wife and I were driving our little Geo Tracker as God was leading me by His Spirit. As usual, the Holy Spirit directed us as to what roads to take and which turns to make. Presently, we came upon a railroad track and the Holy Spirit said,

“Park on the tracks, get out, and pray.”

I drove up onto the tracks and, parking across them, got out of the Geo Tracker. Sitting down, backs against the vehicle, my wife and I began to pray in other tongues. My wife was not very comfortable doing this (we could only see the tracks in one direction) and, as time passed, became increasingly worried. We sat there and prayed for about a half an hour then the Holy Spirit said, “You can go.” So I got up, got back into the Tracker, and left with my wife.

Park the normal distance from the rails

The next day, being led by His Spirit, we drove again. Like before, I allowed His Spirit to tell us where to go, but this time through a different route we ended up at the same set of tracks.  However, unlike the previous time, the Holy Spirit told us to park the normal distance from the rails and wait. In about five minutes an Amtrak passenger train roared pass us at about 70 mph.  Wow, that locomotive was moving fast!

(Amtrak 345, an EMD F40PH pulls a passenger tr...

My wife and I just sat there for a while.  The previous day, our little truck sat parked across those same rails.  Barely 24 hours earlier, we sat praying on the opposite side the train just came from. As we sat watching the speeding train race by, the realization of just how critical ‘hear, listen, and obey on time’ truly can be!

Spirit lead me

When God leads by His Holy Spirit, even if it is dangerous, it doesn’t feel out of the ordinary.  I suppose this is why Jesus could sleep on a boat in the middle of a severe storm.  Though I remained calm, my wife, who did not receive the command or unction, became increasingly nervous.  Be that as it may, what I learned from that experience is that God knows everything and if we listen to Him and do what He says when He says to do it, He keeps us out of harms way.  The essence of Divine protection lays in hearing His still small voice.

Lastly, This is a pretty extreme example of being led by the Spirit. I am not suggesting that anyone go out and park a on rail road crossing just to see if God will speak to you. What I am encouraging everyone to do is learn how to listen the voice of God.  Even in dangerous situations, our Father can and will protect you.  There will come a time when, if we hear God’s voice, He will keep us out of harms way.

Spirit Lead Me by Hillsong