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raw truth

The Faith of Every Generation of Believers is Tested

Every generation is given raw truth to speak to the world.  On one hand, I am quite sure the raw truth of  the Tabernacle Experience is exactly what God is doing right now. On the other hand, I am quite sure that this raw truth goes against much of normative Christianity.

For me, the bottom line is, following God and speaking His raw truth is never easy in any generation. When the apostles stood with Jesus they stood against the entirety of the religious establishment.  All, except John, ultimately paid for their allegiance to Christ with their very lives. In our day and age, however, the challenge we face is not simply confessing the raw truth of Christ as Lord, but rather, confessing the raw truth of what Jesus is doing in us presently.

Do we dare confess the raw truth?

Do we confess what God is doing with us or do we hide our light under a bushel basket, fearing what others might think or do? I am, along with many others, wrestling with this question. Of course, my mind goes to all the things that “could” happen, none of  which are positive.  I recognize, though, that is just my natural minded fear of man.

God knows what He is doing.  I believe that testifying of His raw truth, to the degree that He leads us, is the right thing to do in Him. This is the same sort of courage that every Christian has had to have during every age.  When we stand with God, we stand with and practice the faith of our fathers.

Those first into battle always face the most risk: we call them heroes

Forerunners always face more opposition than those who come after them. Yet, it is these men and women of faith, who dared much, that we read about in the book of Hebrews.  We don’t read about those who hung back until everything God did was safe and acceptable

I sense that God is asking us to trust Him above all else. The intimacy He is calling us into is an exercise in that trust. Jesus was vulnerable to the world and told the truth no matter what the consequences. As his disciples, can we do less?

I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb by Ray Botz