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Remade into His Image and Likeness

When you re-create something, you re-make it.  For example, if your prize vase falls and breaks to pieces (if you are its creator) you simply re-create one just like it.  So too, though we are broken vessels, God’s re-creates us back into His image and likeness.

Originally, Adam was one with God.  That is to say, the first man was God manifest in the flesh.  When you looked at Adam, God gazed back at you.  As Adam spoke, it was the word of God. When Adam held Eve she felt the embrace of God Himself.  As Adam was one with God, the first man was also a unified human being  There was no separation of body, soul, and spirit. Everything within Adam functioned in unison and as a whole.  The son of God’s Spirit interfaced perfectly with his Father’s Spirit. The spirit of the first man ruled his soul and body.  God’s revelation fed His mind and He walked in the Spirit in perfect obedience until, that is, he didn’t.

The glory of the Lord departs his temple

When Adam chose to join Eve in her sin, the Holy Spirit departed from him.  A flame, like a tongue of fire, rose from off of his head, and with a mighty, rushing wind, the Spirit of God departed just like He left the polluted temple in Jerusalem. Adam’s spirit, now disconnected from the Holy Spirit, lost its preeminence and the first man began to live by reason.  The soul began to direct and control Adam’s body while his spirit lay dormant.

At that point, Adam lost much of his abilities.  The door of the spiritual realm closed.  Much of his intellectual capacity, which was designed to operate by revelation, became darkened.  Left to His own reasoning, Adam could no longer interface with God. Consequently, the first man was shattered by the broken fellowship between him and His Father.

We are more than mere animals

Animals are living souls without Spirit.  When man loses the Spirit and that part of him becomes submerged by His soul, he becomes merely another animal.  The ultimate expression of men and women who do not have the Spirit is what evolutionists call “cave dwellers.”  The fact is, we did not ascend from ape-men, but cavemen descended from Adam.  Men and women, created in the image and likeness of God, became brute beasts living in caves like mere animals through separation from His Spirit.

Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, God will re-create us.  What was shattered by sin our Father re-creates by faith.  As our spirits reconnect to God through His Holy Spirit, we begin to reintegrate and become whole again.  Our spirit regains its preeminence over our body and soul. Our desires become God’s desires and we regain access to the spiritual realm.  God, once again, looks out from our eyes.  Our words become the words of our heavenly Father.  When we hold each other, God embraces us.


Without the Spirit, we cannot truly see.  Without access to the Spiritual realm, much of who we really are is unavailable to us. Our understanding is literally darkened and what was once crystal clear is like seeing through a glass darkly.

God created our spirits to encompass our whole being.  Connected to His Holy Spirit, our spirits are made to link us to our Father and the heavenly realm. You can only access the spiritual world via spirits. If you do not have the Holy Spirit but try to access that place, demons are your only alternative. This is the basis of all real witchcraft and sorcery.

Natural minded thinking, which is what Adam and his descendants were left with, led to the destruction of the entire pre-flood world. Only Noah and his immediate family survived. They survived because Noah listened to and obeyed the voice of God and it was counted to him as righteousness. All the other natural-minded people perished in the flood. Nowadays, on the eve of another great reckoning, only those who obey the Holy Spirit will survive. Through re-creation, like Noah, we listen to and obey the voice of God and those who do will be caught up to God and his throne, missing the great tribulation. Those who do not will have an opportunity to make heaven their home through martyrdom.

The only love is from above

For example, in the absence of the Holy Spirit, sex became soul-driven.  Instead of holy love, we lusted after the flesh of others in a desire for self-gratification.  We seek to have sex because it feels good to us.  Partners serve to fulfill our needs and when boredom sets in, the mutual gratification we consider to be love vanishes. Relationships based upon what the other person can do for you are bound to fail.

On the other hand, when you are led by the Spirit, even in the area of sexual expression, you do not seek your own.  Love becomes a response to what the other person needs and you give simply to make them happy.   Your body becomes aroused not through your soul, but through your spirit.  Intimate expression becomes, in effect, agape sex.  As we mix in the divine love of God, He flows through our bodies as each person gives of themselves to please the other and their intimate expression becomes born of the Spirit. Each person selflessly gives to the other,  causing satisfaction for both.  This type of love never fails.

We are becoming the word of God

Men and women connect with God and do His will through revelation.  God speaks to our spirits and our souls and bodies follow suit.  We flow in God in every area of our lives, not reasoning but simply yielding to God.  Doctrine becomes irrelevant because we become, to the measure God gives us, the Word made flesh.  The Body of Christ, following the pattern of Jesus, becomes the expression of the word of God.  We do not need chapter and verse in order to live because we become living epistles read and known of all men.

In conclusion, the Divine Love of God, which is the core experience of the next move of God, makes us whole.  As we become one with God, He begins re-creation.  Saints exist no longer as body, soul, and spirit but simply become one human being.  We complete the second Adam, perfectly united with God and ourselves.  Re-creation seals the breaches that fragmentation exposed.  Whole saints, united with God through His Spirit, have little room for the devil.

Our spirits follow the Spirit

Finally, allow God’s love to re-create you.  Let YHWH’s love flow through your being and bring about a re-creation of His nature in your life. Give up what you think is good and proper for simply doing whatsoever you hear from the mouth of God.  God will take control of your soul through your spirit if you allow Him to and you will find true joy and peace in your own re-creation.


Only A Shadow – Misty Edwards