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 Who Is The Real You?

We each deal with tough situations all around.  We don’t want to be mean or lack compassion, but sometimes our patience runs out.  At times, it seems we are surrounded by frustrations pricking us like a thousand little needles.  At those times, we crack, losing our composure.

However, God knows that, even though we rail against Him sometimes, we are only human.  Our Father comforts and holds us through even the most difficult of situations.

There is a saying,

“Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything, nor to do anything, in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported.”

Author unknown

YHWH knows our weakness through His Son, Jesus Christ, because he suffered in all points like us. Yet in all that, our Savior defeated the devil, kicking him in the butt “Jackie Chan” style when He rose from the dead.  Through Jesus we are justified before God even though we still fight the evil of this world.  Through Christ we are the Karate Kid of heaven.

You have many talents

God anoints us as He flows through us.  We have many talents that, when joined with God, are truly amazing.  So much of the time we sell ourselves short, not realizing how great God can be through us if we let Him be Himself.

After times of stress and we calm down a bit, it becomes clear how much our foe takes advantage of us.  It may seem obvious, but the devil hates us and his intention to destroy us is real.  Thankfully, our creator has ample grace for our big problems and helps us during those times of hardship.  If we hold on to Him, we find His blessing and He comforts us in the midst of anything we go through.

God is mindful of you

God always watches us through a sea of glass in heaven.  Every tear we cry, every sigh escaping our lips, our Father records in heaven.  Our Lord is mindful of His beloved, always.  As we give our heavenly Bridegroom permission to come close to us, we know Him, too.  As He merges with us, all the cares and worries of this world don’t seem as important and difficult as they once were.

God loves us all with a love so big, the universe cannot contain it.  Falling in love with Him, we’re filled with awe at the ways He expresses Himself in and through us.  Far from being restrictive, God’s love permits everything we want to do, because we want to please Him in all things.  We come home and peace finally settles into our souls.  God is our rest.

Connect with God through each other

The primary way that God connects with us is through one another.  Originally created naked and unashamed in Eden, we come back into YHWH’s image and likeness through yielding to Christ.  As God watered the earth with the dew of heaven, wet with His provision, we feel a real refreshing take root in us through His Holy Spirit.

God desires to connect us all through His love.  We’ve felt inklings of this throughout our lives, a little here and a little there, but haven’t know what to do with these feelings.  More often than we realize, these small goadings to love one another were God reaching out through us.  If we are sensitive and open to His Spirit, many more, at the precise moment they needed it, could be loved.

Like Seraphim, declare God’s glory

Our hearts, like the Seraphim above the throne of God, desire to declare His nature.  As a wife willingly submits to her husband, we desire to be whatever God wants us to be. Drawing close to Him, He draws close to us, and holy intimacy becomes real.  We aren’t afraid of one another anymore, because we are completely and hopelessly focused on God with us.

Yielding to our heavenly Bridegroom, our love multiplies and reaches new heights with one another that are not possible separately.  The body of Christ begins to function as one wife, connected together by His Spirit, each joint supplying what the other lacks.  In this way, the true church builds itself up in love until we all become that perfect man of Ephesians.

Love multiplies

Becoming real with Him and each other, our love deepens over time.  As God’s loves pulls out our shame, He leaves us innocence in return.  Like all true Seraphim, our desire is to worship God.  The ultimate love feast makes us one with Christ as He is one with His Father.  Through this shared experience in God, the unity of the faith becomes real in each of our lives.

Loving each other, as the Holy Spirit leads, is very holy and right.  Also, as we yield to God’s desires, it completes something in Him that He longs for in order to be whole.  From the moment that Adam lost a rib, he needed something; Eve’s love.  From the moment that God created us, He needed something too; our love.

Created for His pleasure

Just like Eve for Adam, God created us for His pleasure.  Until we experience His love we are incomplete.  Our earthly relationships with one another picture the heavenly relationship of the Bride of Christ and Jesus.  As the angels reveal God’s glory in heaven, we reveal His glory in this present world.  Moreover, In the world to come, we will be one in ways we can’t even imagine now. And that will be joy unspeakable.


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