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Let’s Talk Honestly For A Moment

We live in a world filled with words like “Reasonable”, “Prudent”, and “Sensible”.  Forced to toe the line in order to “fit in,” we bow to convention to gain “success” in the worlds eyes.  We work all our lives to “Achieve” and then die leaving all we gain to others.  So I ask you,

“Why Be Reasonable?”

In my spirit today, I feel that there is no need to conform or cow-tow to convention. because that convention gets us absolutely nothing in the end, but a gravestone.

I DO NOT BELIEVE God is calling me to be reasonable, or predent, or sensible.  I refuse to believe that “reason” is the order of the day in God’s big scheme of things. Only revelation that is straight, true, raw from the throne of God is what matters. Reason, or what seems right to our natural minds, is what got all of us into this mess in the first place.  So away with it.  I am done being reasonable.

Live by revelation

I will live and die by revelation from my Father thank you.  I will dare great things in God because He says to do it, not because it seems reasonable.  Frankly, I cannot listen to those who rest in sensibility, because they are already twice dead and buried.  The fashion of the world is passing away and I want none of it.  Give me the divine and the courage to embrace all of God!


Good Fight by Unspoken