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receive God's word by your senses

Receive God’s Word By Your Senses

I have started to write this series as a mini muse because I feel it is to help encourage people to talk and delve further into the topics by using the very topic – their senses, and be Spirit-led rather than study-led in doing that. I hope that we can all be blessed and be a blessing.  

To listen hear and obey God’s Word, you need to know how to do it.  In the natural world, some people, especially musicians, develop very finely tuned hearing.  Likewise, if you practice, you can become very adept at hearing God’s voice.  When I talk about, listening and hearing, I am not talking about your

physical ears, because God is a Spirit.  Albeit hearing God’s word can describe one of your senses, i.e. listening outwardly for God’s Word, what I am talking about goes much, much deeper than that.

In my experience, listening and hearing  uses all of our senses because God’s Word can be received in many ways.  You can feel God’s goading in  your spirit, or emotions, or mind.  Some see God’s word in visions or dreams.  Others encounter our Father’s voice through daily circumstances or people they meet.  I sometimes literally “smell” the sweet fragrance or aroma of God.  At other times I “touch God” as I hold my Spiritual Connection close.  To truly listen out for the Word of God, all of our senses need to be alert and switched on.

Practice makes perfect

Your natural receptors are your ears, eyes, nose, tongue, fingers and skin.  You may use any of these to listen out for our Father’s voice.  If you practice you can be ready with any of these senses to hear what God is saying to you.

Moreover, you have a spiritual body, so to speak, that interact with the spiritual world.  In essence you have spiritual counterparts to ears, eyes, nose, tongue, fingers and skin.  As you yield to God’s Holy Spirit you can interact with the spiritual realm through your spirit and hear God’s voice in many different ways too.  Some hear angels sing, others sense the moving of the Holy Spirit. Many speak with the tongues of angels while others feel the presence of God.  Sometimes we feel a chill when demons are present or a warmth when our Father is near.

The physical worlds mirrors the spiritual realm

We must come to understand that physical world is a mirror of a much greater spiritual reality, so what senses you have in this world, have spiritual counterparts in God’s domain. While we can hear God most clearly in the spiritual realm, the Holy Spirit also manifests himself in this physical creation through type and shadow (God’s pictures), so that we can receive His Word in either format.

As a son or daughter of God, being born again in the spirit, we are in this world, but we are not of it. Our spiritual language is not of this Earth, for we speak in spiritual tongues of heaven. We actually have sort of dual citizenship of the world and of heaven.  Your are bilingual! You speak your native language, and the spiritual language of heaven! Therefore, you can receive God’s Word in either tongue.

Breaking it down

In future installments of this mini muse series, I will break down hearing the Word of God into 5 separate areas.

  1. Hearing the Word of God with your ears, physically and spiritually
  2. Seeing the Word of God with your eyes, physically and spiritually
  3. Smelling the Word of God with your nose, physically and spiritually
  4. Tasting the Word of God with your tongue, physically and spiritually
  5. Touching the Word of God with your fingers and skin, physically and spiritually

God bless you,


My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

John 10: 27